About Us

hariforyou is a blogging website launched in September 2016. But, it became active since April 2017 when the first blog appeared by the title ‘Top 10 bloggers of the world in 2017’. The topics covered are SEO, WordPress, making money online, YouTube, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, and Guest posting.

Our audience includes but not limited to bloggers, people looking to make money online, business people seeking to improve their website’s search engine rankings. They will get easy to use practical tips on this site to improve upon their business. You will feel the freshness in contents here.

About Us

My name is Hari Mohan Sharma, and by qualification, I am a computer engineer. I have studied in New Delhi, India and also stay here.

I have a wealth of experience in Computer Industry in the customer support division from the level of an engineer to Vice President. To my credentials, I have PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, ITIL and Citrix certified administrator. Moreover, I have also worked as an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) consultant.

Content writing has always been an attraction for me, and now I am fully devoted to it.

Due to some personal reasons, I had to leave my day job and then decided to do something of my own. I found blogging an appropriate platform to express myself and earn my living too.

I read blogs from other famous bloggers and also submit my comments. Apart from this, I regularly visit my facebook, twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn accounts.

I am a one-man-army and managing my site alone. Therefore, I am doing all kinds of activities like fine tuning website for SEO, writing blogs and managing social media accounts.

To manage all these activities, I plan for each day in detail. First, I list all the activities to be performed and then set time and duration for each activity. My daily work schedule is very hectic, but I am enjoying it.

This profession has given me opportunities to learn many new skills, like WordPress, Plugins, image & video editing, social media management, SEO, etc.

Apart from earning my living, I want to express myself and help people to improve in their respective fields.

Happy blogging!