Best Indian Food Blogs

Best Indian Food Blogs You Should Follow Instantly

Best Indian Food Blogs
Know the Best Indian Food Blogs and the people behind them.

Food is one of the most important parts of our lives. If we get delicious food, our lives become more enjoyable. Best Indian Food Blogs will add to the variety and the taste of the food we have.

These food blogs share recipes of various types of food you already take. Moreover, they introduce some new recipes. To help you further, food bloggers are running their YouTube Channels where you can see your favorite dish getting prepared.

In every country, the food industry is very big. And every business needs marketing. These food blogs are also acting as a marketing tool for restaurants and hotels.

I am presenting the ten best Indian food blogs in no particular order.

Know The Best Indian Food Blogs

1. Veg Recipes of India

Dassana Amit has posted over 1800 veg recipes on her blog.
Dassana Amit has posted over 1800 veg recipes on her blog.

There is a lady behind this famous food blog. Her name is Dassana Amit, and she started it in Feb 2009.

She completed her graduation in home science.

After the insistence of her husband Amit, she started this online journal to keep a log of family recipes as well as those she learned later.

This blog has become a means of sharing her food cooking knowledge with the world and earning some money.

To add further, her husband Amit helps Dassana in some activities of this blog.

On this blog, you will find veg recipes of India presented in a step by step manner.  Moreover, the author has also added relevant images for easy understanding of the recipes.

To her credit, she has published over 1800 recipes. A few of the popular ones are here:

  • Idli recipe
  • Dal makhani
  • Palak paneer
  • Veg biryani
  • Banana shake
  • Chana masala
  • Paneer butter masala
  • Sambar recipe
  • Banana bread
  • Mumbai pav bhaji

As a surprise, she doesn’t allow guest posts or sponsored posts. Moreover, to earn money, only Google ads are enabled.

Veg Recipes of India finds media mention on top websites like and

You can follow Veg Recipes of India on the following social media platforms:

2. Sharmis Passions – Cooking & Clicking with passion

Sharmilee Jayaprakash made her passion for cooking, her career.
Sharmilee Jayaprakash made her passion for cooking, her career.

The woman behind this blog is Sharmilee Jayaprakash. She is from Coimbatore – a city in South India. Sharmilee was working full-time in an IT company when she started this blog in March 2009.

After the birth of her first child, Sharmilee decided to quit the job and became a full-time food blogger. Initially, she learned cooking from her mother. Later she read many food recipe posts online and saw videos.

Only after successfully trying these recipes herself, she posted them on her blog.

Her mother and husband have been very helpful in the success of this blog.

The revenue sources are sponsored posts, advertisements, sponsored text links, hotel/restaurant reviews, and product reviews.

You can follow Sharmis Passions on the following social media platforms:

3. Sanjeev Kapoor Recipes (one of the best Indian food blogs)

Sanjeev Kapoor is a professional chef and owner of India's top food blog
Sanjeev Kapoor is a professional chef and owner of India’s top food blog

This online portal belongs to popular TV personality Sanjeev Kapoor. He is famous for his Khana Khazana TV show that he hosted for 17 years.

Sanjeev completed Hotel Management Course from Pusa, New Delhi in 1984. Currently, he is probably the most celebrated name in the food industry of India.

This blog houses more than 10,000 tried and tested recipes. Moreover, this website publishes recipes both in English and Hindi.

Sanjeev appears on different TV channels regularly. His blog attracts a large number of people both from India as well as the rest of the world.

The main source of revenue for this blog is advertisements, including Google ads.

You can follow Sajeev Kapoor Recipes on the following social media platforms:

4. Vah Reh Vah – Inspire to cook, inspire to taste

Sanjay Thumma is a professionally trained Indian chef who runs a food blog.
Sanjay Thumma is a professionally trained Indian chef who runs a food blog.

Vah Reh Vah food blog was founded by Sanjay Thumma in 2007. He is a chef who completed his graduation from “Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Hyderabad.”

Although Sanjay belongs to Hyderabad city, his website and YouTube channel have recipes from South India as well as North India.

He is a well-known figure for the viewers interested in food recipe TV channels. Moreover, he is very popular among the US and European food-loving people.

Sanjay worked with 7-star Hotel restaurants and headed the chef department. And he wants to bring a smile to people’s faces by serving delicious foods.

Google ads are active on this blog that contributes towards the only income generated. But other sources of revenue are not shared by the owner.

You can follow Vah Reh Vah on many social media platforms. For example:

5. Yummy Tummy – Food that makes your tummy happy!

Aarthi shares easy-to-make recipes on her website.
Aarthi shares easy-to-make recipes on her website.

Aarthi from the southern part of India, started Yummy Tummy blog in 2011. She used to cook and carry lunch to the office and share it with colleagues. It used to be so tasty that they insisted to reveal her recipe.

This recipe demand prompted her to start a food blog to share recipes. Initially, she worked part-time on her blog, but after marriage, she became a full-time blogger.

She is also running two YouTube channels – one in English and the other in Tamil.

While Aarthi learned veg recipes from her mother, she learned non-veg from her friends and the internet.

Aarthi believes that cooking is very simple. That is why you will find a step-by-step description of recipes with attractive images. After going through this blog, you will feel cooking is certainly not rocket science.

Further, many famous websites and magazines shared recipes of this blog. This site has significant traffic from south India and the US.

The sources of revenue for this blog appear to be Google Ads, sponsored posts, and product reviews.

You can follow Yummy Tummy on various social media platforms as given below:

6. Padhus Kitchen – Easy to learn simple to cook.

Padhus shares Indian recipes for different occasions.
Padhus shares Indian recipes for different occasions.

Behind this food blog, is a lady named Padhus. She created this blog in 2010. In addition, she is a chef, recipe developer, and photographer.

Padhus Kitchen houses Indian veg recipes except for eggs. Moreover, she focuses on simple and easy-to-cook recipes.

You can find south Indian recipes, Indian festival recipes, and other types of Indian veg recipes.

Not only that, all the recipes are described with step-by-step instructions along with beautiful pictures. Also, she cooks and tests each recipe before putting it on the blog. So, you can be sure of its quality.

She is also running a YouTube channel in English.

But, there is no information about the sponsored posts or product reviews by Padhus.

This site is drawing a good amount of traffic that is helping the revenue from Google ads.

You can follow Padhus Kitchen on various social media platforms as given below:

7. Kannamma Cooks

Kannamma loves south Indian food and shares its preparation at
Kannamma loves south Indian food and shares its preparation at

Suguna Vinodh started this food recipe blog in 2014. Her nickname is Kannamma and she comes from a small town in Coimbatore. But she stays in Bangalore these days.

Interestingly, Suguna learned cooking from her father.

As she loved to eat and cook, it motivated her to start this blog.

She loved south Indian recipes. Moreover, Suguna collected many recipes from friends and magazines. But she tested them all before publishing them on this blog.

Also, she runs a YouTube channel on cooking.

Deviating from food articles, she shared a couple of her travel experiences also.

Her blog is popular and has appeared on well-known media platforms like ‘Indian Express’, ‘Femina’ and a few others.

There seem to be two resources of revenue for this blog – Firstly, Google ads and secondly, Amazon affiliates.

You can follow Kannamma Cooks on the following social media platforms:

8. Nisha Madhulika

A lady named Nish Madhulika started this food blog in the Hindi language in 2007. In addition, she runs a popular YouTube channel on cooking.

To know more about her you can visit the page on top YouTubers in India.

9. Yummy Indian Kitchen

This website was launched in 2014 by Asiya Subhani. She always had a passion for cooking. Whenever she used to cook, all family members used to like food preparation. This encouragement prompted her to experiment with the recipes.

Her blog has recipes for veg and non-veg food. But, it focuses more on south Indian cuisine.

Recipe types listed on the primary navigation menu are:

  • Hyderabadi
  • Andhra recipes
  • Chicken
  • Mutton
  • Vegetarian
  • Beverages
  • Egg
  • Rice
  • Breakfast
  • Curry
  • Desserts

You can see the blog is earning revenue from Amazon affiliate programs and Google ads. But, other sources are not revealed by the owner.

You can follow Yummy Indian Kitchen on the following social media platforms:

10. Curry Nation

Priya with husband Prashant. They own an Indian food blog.
Priya with husband Prashant. They own an Indian food blog.

This blog is relatively new and was started by Priya Prashant in 2016. She is very passionate about cooking. Therefore, even after education in software development, she did not push for a regular job.

She is proud of her decision to start this blog and has interesting plans for the future.

Priya prefers easy-to-cook recipes which can be prepared within 30 minutes. In addition, the recipes are accompanied by sharp images and step-by-step-instructions.

To help her viewers, she has started a YouTube channel in the food category. Moreover, Priya is a vegetarian and she cooks and shares only veg recipes.

Her favorite recipes are:

  • Dal makhani
  • Mava gulab jamun
  • Mango kulfi

She allows advertisements on this blog and earns some revenue. Further Google ads contribute a lot to her income.

You can follow Curry Nation on following social media platforms:

Summing up

We have discussed above some of the best Indian food blogs. Interestingly, all of them have two things in common. Firstly, the bloggers have a passion for cooking, and secondly, they want to help the world by sharing their cooking knowledge.

Remember, these things are the keys to success in any field.

These blogs have earned name, fame, and money for the owners. Moreover, the blogs have provided a sense of job satisfaction to the bloggers. Now, they can enjoy life.

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