Best WordPress Internal Linking Plugins

4 Best WordPress Internal Linking Plugins To Boost SEO

Using any of the best WordPress internal linking plugins can improve a website’s link structure. Moreover, your website’s on-page SEO and search ranking will get a boost.

These plugins automate the process of interlinking web pages as per the plugin settings. Thereby reducing the effort required in placing internal links manually on each post of your site.

In this post, we will discuss the four best WordPress plugins to inter-link various articles of a website.

  • Link Whisper free
  • Internal Link Juicer: SEO Auto Linker for WordPress
  • Internal Links Manager
  • Yoast SEO   
Best WordPress Internal Linking Plugins
Find description of best WordPress internal linking plugins.

Best WordPress Internal Linking Plugins to Boost SEO

1. Link Whisper Free

This plugin is smart and uses artificial intelligence. It starts suggesting relevant internal links while you are writing your post. And, the suggestions appear within the WordPress editor.

Depending upon the relevance of the current post and the total number of articles on your site, Link Whisper can suggest dozens of internal links.

Now, you can copy the suggested link and paste where it is suggested. The internal link is created.

If you want to avoid the task of copy and paste, you can use the premium version of this plugin.

The plugin reports about pages that have no incoming internal links built for them. So,  you can create the needed links for such pages.

Besides all inbound and outbound internal links, the plugin reports all the outbound links. It enables you to take corrective action to improve the link structure of your site.

This plugin is ideal for blogs and other niche-based sites with heavy content.

Remember, there is no guarantee that your site will rank higher after using this plugin.

The links created will remain active even if you uninstall the plugin. Moreover, those links can be removed only if you want them to.

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2. Internal link juicer: SEO Auto Linker for WordPress

It is a semi automatic internal link building plugin for WordPress. In other words, you have to manually do some settings, and then this plugin will automate the internal link building process.

You can diversify anchor texts and vary the number of possible links. In addition, the plugin can place the same internal link for different anchor texts.

Moreover, the maximum number of links with the same URL will be limited by the setting you make.

It makes interlinking a natural behaviour.

Once keywords (anchor texts) are configured, links will be placed automatically.

If you want certain posts not to have internal links, you can add such posts to the blacklist. On the other hand, you can add other types of posts to the white list. In all, you have full control over the plugin.

You can configure the number of links per post and links per target URL. You get this flexibility also.

This plugin too has the premium version with some extra features.

Some important notes on the plugin:

  • Internal link juicer is designed to load quickly. Hence it will not slow down your site.
  • Though the plugin improves the link structure of your site, it doesn’t guarantee improvement in search engine rankings.
  • It doesn’t change your content.
  • The plugin works well with posts or pages generated through shortcodes.
  • You can change the style of auto-generated links.
  • The pro version is available for $69.99 per annum for 1 site.

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3. Internal links manager

This plugin has a 4.5 star rating and over 6000 installations.

You have to provide a keyword (anchor text) and a URL. As soon as, the plugin finds the keyword, it automatically creates the internal link.

Understand the process with this example:

I have written a post on “Top bloggers in the world”. Now I want to use the URL” “to be automatically linked whenever the keyword “top bloggers” appears on my website.

Within the menu, I will navigate to “Add link” and provide the required parameters (mainly URL + keyword).

If you ask, why should I use automated link building? The answer is that building the links manually consumes a lot of time. So, by using automated link building you are saving time.

The next question comes to mind is, will this plugin overwrite links that I already set manually? And the answer is no. The plugin will not overwrite any link that was manually created.

4. Yoast SEO

Many of you would be using this plugin already. It has an internal linking tool for WordPress. But this feature is available only with the Yoast SEO Premium version.

The plugin scans the content of your site to know about your posts. Then, this tool gives you internal linking suggestions. Refer to the following video for more clarity:

If you want to read about the internal linking tool from Yoast SEO, then visit this page.

Although this plugin is a great tool, it is not free. If you need a free tool, then consider using any of the top three plugins.

Questions and answers related to best WordPress internal linking plugins

How do I make an internal link in WordPress?

You should highlight an anchor text on a blog post, and insert the URL of the same domain. It will create an internal link.

Are internal links good for SEO?

Yes. Internal links are good for SEO as they help users find related content on your site easily. So, users spend more time on your site, improving the bounce rate, which is one of the ranking factors of search engines.
Internal links help a search engine understand the content on your site and enable it to deep index your site.

What is the best plugin for WordPress?

All the above-mentioned WordPress internal linking plugins are good and you can choose anyone. But, I prefer the “Link Whisper Free” plugin. It is free and easy to use.

What is the different between an internal link and external link?

A link placed on a web page that points to another page of the same domain is termed an internal link. On the other hand, if the link points to a web page of a different domain, then it is an external link.

What are the advantages of WordPress internal links?

There are three key benefits of internal links:

  • Improved user experience (UX)
  • Spread of link juice over the site
  • Deep indexing by search engines

Improved User Experience (UX)

Internal links make it easy for the users to navigate to the related content on your site. That in turn improves the bounce rate of your site. Remember, bounce rate is a ranking signal for all the search engines.

Spread of Link Juice over the site

Properly created internal links improve the link structure of your website. They spread the link juice across various web pages on your site.  As a result, the search engine ranking of your posts increases.

Deep indexing by search engines

Properly placed internal links help search engines to understand the content of a page. These links guide search engine bots to deep indexing of your site contents. It helps to rank the orphaned pages of your site.

What are the benefits of WordPress Internal Linking Plugins

They save the time and effort required to build internal links on a website. Monitoring and analyzing also become easier which is very difficult without such plugins. It is particularly true for a website with a high number of posts.

Based upon the regular analysis, you can make informed decisions for changes in the internal link structure of your site.

Final Thoughts on Best WordPress Internal Linking Plugins

Whether you have a small website or a bigger one, you should use an internal linking plugin. It will certainly help you achieve some SEO benefits.

If you don’t want to spend any money on them, it’s fine. Still, you can use any of the free plugins.

In case, you are using a different plugin, please share its name and performance in the comment section.

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