High DA Free Blog Commenting Sites

100+ High DA Free Blog Commenting Sites To Boost A Site (2022)

Almost all bloggers use blog commenting sites to share their views.  And I am no exception as I also comment on other sites.

If you analyze the link profile of top blogs, you will find a number of websites where these bloggers have posted their comments.

Moreover, I have seen some bloggers whose website DA is above 50 have posted comments on 20+ DA sites. The reason behind this practice is that we can draw many SEO benefits from these comments.

Soon we will discuss these benefits in this post so that you can make the best use of blog commenting sites.

High DA Free Blog Commenting Sites
Find here free blog commenting sites with high DA

List of 100+ High DA Free Blog Commenting Sites

SEO, Blogging, WordPress, and Social Media Marketing blogs:

S. No.WebsiteDA

You can find the complete list of Blog Commenting Sites here.

Benefits of Using Blog Commenting Sites

Let us define the phrase ‘blog commenting sites.’  The websites, which allow putting your comment on a post, are blog commenting sites. In this post, we are referring to high DA sites for commenting.

As I mentioned earlier, most of the bloggers comment on other sites. It has some vital benefits that I am listing below:

  • Direct web traffic
  • Boost to SEO
  • Brand Improvement
  • Get useful advice
  • Boost a new site

Let’s discuss these points in detail.

Direct web traffic

If you write a thoughtful comment on a post, you stand a good chance that readers will click your link and reach your site.  At first, it may seem that the traffic you get will be short-lived.  But, if the post draws large traffic, then you may get regular referral traffic.

In general, new comments are added to a post as time passes.  It reduces your referral traffic that comes from the post. But, blog commenting is an ongoing process.  As you write new comments, a surge of new traffic will appear at your site.

Boost to SEO

Many blogs use the Commentluv plugin to manage comments.  The plugin gives dofollow links to the commenting bloggers’ sites. Though such links carry less value than editorial links, they still pass some link juice and boost the SEO of your site.

But, most of the blogs give nofollow links back to your site if your comments are approved. Such links do not benefit you directly in the search ranking, still, they form an important part of your link profile. Google wants both – dofollw and nofollow – links in your profile.

If you put a link in the comment area, you should ensure it is relevant for the readers. Else, the moderator will not approve the comment.

Brand improvement

People come to know about your skills and knowledge from your comments. Whenever you comment on a blog, the writer notices you for a while.

If you write comments on a blog from time to time, then the writer and the audience both will notice you.

People will create an image of yours by the quality of your comments. Here, you get a chance to build your brand by posting quality comments and replying to the queries of readers.

Get useful advice

If you face any issue on your site then you may visit some relevant blogs and seek answers in the comment area. In most cases, you get answers to your questions.  Even if you do not get the complete answer, you may get the resource link to help you out.

Boost a new site

Most of the new bloggers have a little knowledge of SEO. They do not know how to boost their newly built site.

I also did not know anything about SEO at the start of this blog. Then, I searched for ways to boost my site. Only one answer came to my mind, and it was to do blog commenting.

Some studies have also supported the idea of boosting the DA of your site by blog commenting. So, one should post quality comments on relevant blogs without thinking about the type of links one will get. With regular comments, your site will get a boost.

Instructions to write a perfect blog comment

Create your Gravatar

To know about Gravatar, you should see the below image that explains it.

Meaning of Gravatar

You can visit the Gravatar site, and create an account. It is free. Here, you will be required to upload your photo that will travel the entire web.  I believe that every blogger should have his Gravatar and show his identity to other people.

Find the relevant blog to comment

You should not comment on any site. Be selective and choose a website that is relevant to your niche.  There are many ways to find such sites for blog commenting. The easiest method is to use Google search.

For example, if you want to search for “SEO blogs”, then type “SEO” “blogs” in the Google search. The result page will list high DA SEO blogs where you can comment.  I am posting a snapshot of this search result page in the following paragraph:

Google search result page for SEO blog

Another way to search for the relevant blog is to use drop my link site. It will help you find any type of website. I have used both methods to build this list of high DA free blog commenting sites.

Add value to a post via your comment

The main aim of blog commenting is to take the discussion forward. When you write a comment on a post, it should add value to the ongoing discussion in the comments section.

In order to post a valuable comment, you should first read the post. Thereafter, read every comment on the post. Then, you are ready to post a comment.

Do not make one line comment. Rather, you should make the comment at least 100 words long. You may write about any section of the post or a summary of the post. Then, it is a good idea to ask a relevant question. It will help others also in grasping the post.

To see examples of some great comments, please visit this moz page.

How many times a day can we write comments?  You can write as many comments as you wish provided they add value to the post.

You must avoid putting an email id in the comment area. And, you can add a post link in the comment area if the blog has allowed others to do so. Else, your comment will be rejected by the author.

Use your real name when you comment, otherwise, it may seem you are only trying to earn links back to your site.

You should take care that the majority of the links to your site should not come from blog commenting.  If it happens, then Google may assume you are spamming other sites to get links.

Now, find out what Matt Cutts from Google has to say about comments at this link.

Winding up on Blog Commenting Sites

By now, you would have grasped the topic on blog commenting sites and their use to drive vital benefits. It will be a good idea to follow the comments of top bloggers on other sites. It will help you to post quality comments.

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