How to get a dofollow backlink from Google Plus


How to get a dofollow backlink from Google Plus

If you own a website, you must be knowing about backlinks. As we are aware, backlinks are crucial to raising the ranking of a site and drive organic search traffic to the website.

Search engines give weight to backlinks while ranking a website; it pushes all SEO experts to create a large number of high-quality relative backlinks to their client-sites.

Everybody wants a backlink from a high authority site. To achieve this, every site admin joins various discussion forums related to his niche, leaves comments on high authority blogs, creates profiles on popular social websites, writes guest posts, etc.

Backlinks are of two types – Dofollow backlinks which carry maximum link juice, and Nofollow backlinks which don’t carry any link juice. Getting a dofollow backlink from a high authority website is difficult.

Procedure to get a dofollow backlink from Google Plus

Visit your profile page at Google Plus

1. Go to and click sign in button at the top left of the page.

2. You require Gmail account credentials to sign in. If you don’t have one, create it.

3. A new Google Plus page will appear.

4. Click on ‘Profile’ button in the left vertical navigation menu. Once you are on your profile page, you can upload a profile photo and cover photo.

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Edit your profile

1. Click ‘About’ button on the cover photo and a new screen similar to the one shown below will pop up.

About me page at Google Plus

2. Three edit symbols are seen in the display, but you have to focus on ‘Sites’ and ‘Story.’ Click edit symbol against ‘Sites’ and a new window like the one below will pop up.

Sites information page at Google Plus


3. Enter your site name and its link in the appropriate places. If you have more than one website, you can enter them as well. These website links will become dofollow backlinks to your sites.

4. Now click edit symbol against ‘Story,’ and a new window like the one below will pop up.

Introduction page at Google Plus


5. In the ‘Introduction’ area, you have the opportunity to enter one or more links. As you can see, I have inserted two links in this area.

Check the link type

1. Now we have to check if these links are dofollow or not? I am using Mozbar tool to confirm it.

2. You can use this tool or any other one, and you will find that these links are dofollow backlinks.

3. Congrats! You have got a dofollow backlink from Google Plus — a site with a domain authority of 100.

4. But, there is one issue – You will not find a unique URL for the ‘About’ page to submit to Google for indexing. The URL you see is a general URL for all accounts, i.e.

5. You can hope Google will consider these links for your site ranking.

6. But, don’t forget to submit profile page URL to Google for indexing.

Procedure to get nofollow backlinks from Google plus

You can get a good amount of nofollow backlinks from Google Plus. These backlinks will help improve your domain authority.

1. Whenever somebody likes or comments your post, a notification is generated. You can find ‘Notifications’ button on your Google Plus home page navigation bar.

2. Click it, and a page with all notifications will appear.

3. Click one notification at a time, and a page will pop up, having a post that was liked or commented.

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4. This page has a unique URL, and all the links on the post will be nofollow backlinks.

5. You can insert backlinks in the comment area. The page will look similar to the one shown below.

Notification page at Google Plus

6. You can confirm the links by Mozbar tool.

7. Now, it is time to submit this page URL to Google for indexing.

8. You should repeat the process for all the notifications.


Do not miss this opportunity of capturing valuable backlinks, particularly a dofollow backlink from Google Plus. Make intelligent use of this social site for traffic and link generation.
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