Extra Income Online: Find popular ways to earn it.

Extra Income Online: Find Popular Ways To Earn It

Who does not want to make extra income online? Be it an employee or a freelancer, everyone wants a little more than what he is earning. Therefore, people are ready to spend time and efforts to get a few extra bucks.

This post will help all such people who have an interest in earning some money.

There are many ways to make extra income online. However, I will describe only the popular and authentic ways.

A comprehensive guide for a common man & site owners to earn extra income online.
A comprehensive guide for a common man & site owners to earn extra income online.

How much you earn will depend upon the skills you have and the efforts you are ready to put in. But be assured, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Without delaying further, I am listing the ways to earn extra income online:

  1. Use Google AdSense to make extra income online
  2. Sell banner ad space
  3. Write sponsored posts
  4. Flipping websites to get extra income online
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Transcription jobs to earn extra income online
  7. Copywriting jobs
  8. Data Entry and App Development jobs
  9. Teach online for extra income online
  10. Create YouTube videos
  11. Social media evaluator and web search evaluator jobs
  12. Writing E-Books
  13. Answer paid surveys & get extra income online

Let us dig deep into these ways.

1. Use Google AdSense to make Extra Income Online

If your website attracts good traffic, then it is easy to create extra income online. You can use Google AdSense. Under this program, Google displays ads on your website according to the visitors’ interests.

To start, register for the Google AdSense account and get it approved. Thereafter, Google will provide a script to place it on your website. Now, ads will appear on your site.

Every time a user clicks an ad, Google pays you a set fee.  Only the advertiser sets the cost of a click. Such ads are CPC ads (CPC stands for cost per click).

Google AdSense program is the most common way for a site owner to make extra income online.
Google AdSense program is the most common way for a site owner to make extra income online.

Another type of ads is CPM ads where CPM stands for cost per thousand. For these ads, Google pays at a set rate for every one thousand views.

Google keeps 32% of the ad revenue from the advertisers. It pays the remaining 68% to the publisher (you) for displaying content ads on your site.

Now, a question comes to mind – how much money can we make from Google AdSense? It depends on the country, number of visitors, clicks, and the niche of your site. Initially, you may earn a few hundred dollars per month.

Moreover, with the growth of your site traffic, your Google AdSense earning will also grow. To illustrate this point, consider India’s top AdSense earner Amit Agarwal (owner of labnol.org) who is getting $25K per month.

2. Sell banner ad space

You may not be happy with Google AdSense revenue. Or, you do not have an approved Adsense account.  In any case, you can try selling banner ad space of your blog to the advertisers.

Here also, you can use CPC or CPM method to charge the advertisers. But, many bloggers charge a flat rate as it is convenient for them.

To search for the advertisers, you can use the site BuySellAds.com. It can save you some money that Google or Media.net charge as their fees for displaying advertisers’ ads.

This method has the potential of earning more income than Google AdSense earns.

To get an idea of how much bloggers are earning from ads on their sites, take an example of the popular blog shoutmeloud.com. Its owner Harsh Agarwal is getting around $4000 per month from ads alone.

3. Write sponsored posts

If you find your audience does not like ads, then it is wise not to use them. Then, what is the next option to earn extra income online?

The other option is to write sponsored posts. A sponsored post is an advertisement you write to promote a product on your website. In return, the product company pays you agreed amount of money.

Before you think of sponsored posts, check if your traffic size is good. Otherwise, sponsors will not show any interest in your website. If the majority of the traffic is from America and Europe, then you will get a good payout for a sponsored post.

There are two ways to find sponsors for a blog post.

  • You can directly approach a sponsor.
  • Or, you create a media kit. A media kit is a document on your site having key stats and facts of your blog.

The money you can charge for a sponsored post will depend on your website’s overall value. You may charge anything from $100 to $600 or more for a post.

Popular blogs have a large number of sponsored posts. It shows the popularity of these posts.

4. Flipping websites to get Extra Income Online

Do you know how to build a website? In addition, do you also know how to attract traffic to a site? If yes, then you can earn extra income online.

You can sell your established site on any popular auction website to get extra income online.

Many businesspersons around the world always remain ready to buy well-established sites. Afterward, they use them for their businesses.

We call this method of earning money as website flipping. But before using it, you should know which types of sites are in demand, how to evaluate them and where to sell them.

Flippa.com is a famous site where you can buy or sell websites. It acts as a broker for selling the sites.

Use this process correctly. And, you can make handsome money here. Some people are able to sell their sites ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

5. Affiliate marketing

It is an effort where a company pays its affiliate for every sale that happens due to his marketing efforts.

In this process, you promote a company product and get the commission in reward. You can promote a product by putting the product affiliate link on your blog.

Additionally, you can promote the product on social media sites. These sites include Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Instagram.com, and Plus.Google.com.

If you make serious efforts, you can make some quick money here. You will need to write great promotional posts and videos to convince the audience. And, the process should continue for long periods.

Are you running a blog? Do you also have a good number of subscribers? If yes, you can send occasional emails to the subscribers to promote affiliate products. This method works well and many bloggers earn significant money.

Initially, you will make some extra income online. Later, the income may rise to a notable level.

It is a saying that if you have one thousand email subscribers, you can make one thousand dollars per month. It is an excellent money.

Amazon.com’s affiliate program is very popular among the site owners to earn extra income online.
Amazon.com’s affiliate program is very popular among the site owners to earn extra income online.

Most of the top bloggers earn significant revenue from affiliate marketing. Harsh Agarwal of shoutmeloud.com earns around $40K per month. And, affiliate marketing contributes 85% of the total income.

Some of the popular businesses for affiliate marketing are:

Siteground web hosting

6. Transcription jobs to earn Extra Income Online

If you have any skill, then freelancing is a reliable way of earning extra income online. For example, if you are good at transcribing, you can find many online jobs.

Below, I will provide a list of popular and legit transcription companies. They provide online transcription jobs. But, on each site, you will need to pass a skill test. Afterward, you become eligible to work at these sites.

You should register at multiple companies. This way, you will not be short of jobs. Note the legal and medical transcribers earn more than general ones.

Without delaying further, let us learn about these transcription companies.


It is a popular and legit site for transcription jobs. The company pays you at the rate of $20 per audio hour. Average monthly earnings from this website are $250 per month. People from any country in the world can apply for the jobs here.


It is also a legit site. But, it provides transcription jobs for North Americans only. It means positions are open for Canada and US people only. Pay rates are from $0.004 per word to $0.0055 per word. For some projects, they offer even $0.40 per audio minute.


It is a good site for beginners. Here the positions are open for global transcribers. Payment ranges from ¼ to ½ cents per word.


It is another site for online transcription jobs. Here, payment varies from $5 to $20 per audio hour. The duration of audio transcription files is 6 minutes or less. Scribie.com does not commit any quantity of work.


Here also, you can earn while working from home. Choose your schedule to work. You can get $0.04 to $0.065 per audio minute for your transcription efforts.


This company is around for twenty years. Beginners can also get the job here. Payment made by this company is 3 to 4 cent per line transcribed.


On this site, jobs are available for the US and Canada citizens only. The company asks you to work on-call basis. Moreover, you may also have to work on-need basis. The company cannot guarantee any specific amount of work.

Many sites offer all kinds of jobs including transcription jobs. Some popular names are:

  • Upwork.com
  • PeoplePerHour.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Guru.com

7. Copywriting jobs for side income

Let us first discuss copywriting. You can think of copywriting as an act of writing any text, which is for advertising or any other form of marketing. It increases the brand value of a product.

For instance, you can write a small article on a new model from Mercedes Benz car. The article should highlight the car’s new features and benefits over the competitors.

This effort will make the brand stronger and help the growth of the car sale. It is an act of copywriting.

Some other examples of copywriting are blog posts, social media posts, and email newsletters.

Now, we will look for sites that offer jobs mainly for copywriting.


At this site, you can get various types of writing jobs including full-time remote jobs and part-time remote jobs. Here, the pay rates vary with the jobs. Some full-time remote jobs fetch you between $75K a year to even $100K a year.

Here, you find different writing jobs that will take care of your area of writing expertise. For instance, you will get writing jobs on health, web blogger, culture, travel, etc.


You can find different kinds of writing jobs on this site. For example, you can find jobs such as digital content writer, and contract article writer. In addition, jobs like beauty writer and writer for film content are also available.

This site is quite popular among freelance writers. It has a clear focus on blogging jobs. In addition, this site is quite dynamic and updates jobs daily. Also, the website provides tips for bloggers to write better posts.


As the name suggests, this site is meant only for freelance writers. The site is dynamic and updates job daily.

It offers many types of jobs including part-time content writer and copy editor. It also offers jobs like a digital content writer and contract medical writer. You will also find jobs on editing and translation frequently.

It offers both – on-site jobs and work from home jobs. In all, you must visit the site.


This site provides all kinds of jobs for bloggers. You can get jobs on blog and article writing. Similarly, you will find jobs on promotional writing, editing, and proofreading.

In addition, the site updates the jobs daily, and sometime multiple times a day.

For bloggers, it is providing many posts that help them get better.


This website is solely for writers. It is the best platform for copywriters and authors. The money you earn depends on the type of job and the amount of research you need to perform.

For instance, if you need to write an article or blog post that requires less research, you can get 1.5 cents to 3 cents per word. On the other side, if your task requires more research, then you can get 3 cents to 7.5 cents per word.

8. Data entry and app development

You can earn online even if you have simple skills like data entry. If you have a specialized app development skill, then you can earn even more.

Data entry jobs are simple clerical jobs. They include typing text in MS Word or entering data into an Excel sheet. Editing a PDF form or converting a PDF file to a Word file are examples of data entry jobs.

Building an Android app or complex business software are examples of app development jobs.

We will discuss some famous job websites. Here, you can find jobs related to app development and data entry. These are all legit sites, and you will receive payment after completing your tasks.


This website is popular among the job seekers. Here, you can find all kinds of jobs. Even data entry and app developments are also available.

Upwork.com is a top-rated job site to earn extra income online.
Upwork.com is a top-rated job site to earn extra income online.

After registering as a freelancer, create an impressive job profile. You should also pass the online tests related to your skills. They give a boost to your profile.

Then, keep applying for the relevant jobs. Because of the competition, your strike rate may be low – maybe you can get one job when you apply for 10 to 15 jobs.

It is a premium website for jobs, so treat it with respect and abide by its rules in totality.

People are earning $500 or more per month from this site regularly. Similarly, you can also earn money from this site depending on your skills and efforts.


It is another big site for finding all kinds of jobs. You can also find data entry and app development jobs.

After registering on the site as a freelancer, you should contact your network (friends or people you regularly interact). Then, request them to endorse you for your skills.

In this way, your cert level will increase, and your chances of winning a job bid will improve.

Please note, strategy to win a bid is same on every freelance site – you have to bid early to face less competition.

Here, jobs are available for per hour basis or per project basis. Normally, freelancers earn more from this site.


It is also a top-rated website for freelancers. You will need to register yourself as a seller. Here, a seller is a person who sells his services. Similarly, clients are termed as buyers.

The service you want to sell is called a gig. So, you can create multiple gigs – one for each service.

On this site, you do not have to bid for a job; instead, clients scan relevant gigs from different sellers and finalize the ones they like.

To be successful on fiverr.com and other freelance sites, you must have a professional profile. Besides, you should create an introductory video for the buyers. You should not forget to have a quality profile photo.

Remember to keep the price of your gig right. It will help you win more jobs.

There are many other freelance sites, but I have restricted myself to only three top sites.

It is a good idea to work with quality sites initially. Once you succeed here, you can try at other sites also.

9. Teach online for Extra Income Online

If you have teaching experience, you can earn decent money online. You may be surprised to know that on Udemy.com an average person earns around $7000 a year. As a side income, this is a decent amount of money.

In this section, we will discuss some famous teaching sites. You can work with these sites and earn extra income online.


This website has more than 9 million students. And, 64,000 courses. are available to learn new skills.

Udemy.com is the most popular online teaching site.
Udemy.com is the most popular online teaching site.

If you want to teach at Udemy.com, you will need to upload your course videos on this site. These videos must meet the rule of the site or they will be returned for revision.

You can find the main course categories below.

  1. Health & fitness
  2. Music
  3. Academics
  4. Language
  5. Games
  6. Programming
  7. Technology
  8. Business

Udemy.com charges some money from you for using its platform to earn money. In fact, it charges you between 25% and 50% of your course fee. Further, Udemy.com has put a limit on teachers to keep the fee of any course between $20 and $200.

But, there is one plus point of this site – Udemy.com promotes your courses itself through the online ad and email marketing.

Udemy.com is a high authority site having a domain authority of 90 and Alexa Global Traffic Rank of 357.

As stated earlier, an average teacher earns around $600 per month. So, you should give a good try to this site if you want to earn extra income online.


This site is a platform to create your classes and earn money. You may note that classes are videos created by teachers for the students to learn a specific skill.

Skillshare.com has over 4 million students registered. And, there are over 20,000 classes. Also, this site is vastly popular amid freelance teachers to earn extra income online.

In reality, it is quite easy to work on this site. First, you need to sign up on the site and proceed to “Teach on Skillshare” option. Then, finish the get started process as per online instructions.

Skillshare has clearly defined the course categories. Broadly, these are:

  1. Writing
  2. Film
  3. Photography
  4. Design
  5. Entrepreneurship
  6. Technology
  7. Business

Make sure you know the topic well which you want to teach. Then, prepare a quality, simple and well-explained course video and upload at this site.

You will face less competition from other teachers on skillshare.com than on Udemy.com.

As far as earning is concerned, top freelancers are getting around $1000 per month from this site. And this amount in itself is an excellent extra income online.

To add further, skillshare.com has a domain authority of 73 and Alexa Global Traffic Rank of 5427.


This site is boasting of more than 7 million students, 34 thousand courses, and 22 thousand teachers.

You can create and upload your course videos on this site to sell them. But, remember teachable.com will not promote your course or bring students to your courses. So, you will need to do the marketing of your courses.

Teachable.com has three pricing options — $39, $99 and $299 per month. The company charges these prices from the teachers for using this site for earning money. For details, you can visit the site.

This site does not limit you and allows you to set any price for your course. Moreover, your course material can have a combination of video, images, audio, and text documents.

Teachable.com has a domain authority of 71 and Alexa Global Traffic Rank of 3904.

There are some other sites also where you can earn extra income online by teaching online. But, I am restricting my discussion to the top three sites mentioned above.

10. Create YouTube videos

Running a YouTube channel is a popular way of earning online. You can work here part-time or full-time as per your comfort.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing and earning platform.
YouTube is the most popular video sharing and earning platform.

You can create a YouTube channel free and upload any number of videos on this site. In addition, when your channel becomes popular and has a good number of subscribers, you can start showing ads on it. This way you can make some money online.

Google keeps 45% of the ad revenue earned from your channel and passes 55% to you. But the ad (CPC or CPM) rates depend on the niche of your channel and the country where ads are being shown.

For instance, if you have more viewers from the USA, you will get higher ad rates, whereas ads shown in Asian countries will get lower rates.

As per Forbes magazine, Daniel Middleton was the richest YouTuber of the year 2017 with an earning of $16.5 million. This example provides a hint of the earning potential of a YouTube channel.

Daniel’s earning is dream revenue for most of the YouTubers. There are very few people who are so successful on YouTube.

Remember, you will face competition from other YouTubers to rank your videos.

To be successful, you should frequently create high-quality videos that are useful for the viewers. Moreover, as the time passes your channel will gain the trust of its viewers.

Whether you want to work full time or part-time depends on you. Even with part-time you can make few hundred dollars per month with YouTube.

11. Social media evaluator and web search evaluator jobs

Some websites list work from home jobs. One such site that provides credible information about jobs is Flexjobs.com.

You can go through the list of top 100 companies for remote jobs in 2018 here.  It is a useful list. All the companies listed are verified and hence can be used to find an online job.

The first three companies are Vipkid.com, Appen.com, and Conduent.com.

On some sites, jobs related to Social Media Evaluator, Web Search Evaluator etc. are listed. Apply for these jobs and wait for a few days. If your resume is suitable, the company may send you an invitation email.

To add further, you will need to pass an online test within a few days. Take the test seriously, pass it and in the next few days, you will be contracted to work on a project.

The job will require working for one or two hours a day from Monday to Friday. Payment depends upon the country you live in. North American people get the highest payment.

If you are an Asian, you can make $100 to $150 per month per project. This small amount can add to your extra income online.

12. Writing e-Books

EBooks are the books available in electronic form. You can download them from the web. Also, you can read them on your computer or mobile phone. They have texts, pictures, or both. The eBooks can exist without their paper forms.

These books are very popular as they offer many benefits over paper books. For example, you can buy or download an eBook 24 hours a day. Even, you can read it from any place.

In addition, you can carry hundreds of eBooks in a small pen drive or your computer. And, you do not require any shelf space to store.

One big benefit is that anybody can write an eBook. Then, he can release it to the public. There is no need to contact any publication.

If you enjoy writing, then you should write eBooks. This way, you can earn a good amount of extra income online.

To create an eBook you can use popular MS Word or Google Docs and then convert it to PDF format. Some tools are available in the market, which can help you write eBooks quickly and professionally. For example, you can have a look at Designrr.

There are many sites where you can sell your eBooks. I am listing a few such sites below:

  1. Payhip,
  2. Amazon Kindle Direct Publish,
  3. Blurb.

Also, you can sell eBooks on your website.

How much money can you make from eBooks? It depends on many factors. For example, an eBook’s topic, repute, and the site at which you sell it decide the income. So, the income varies from a few dollars to many thousand dollars.

13. Answering paid surveys & get Extra Income Online

Answering paid surveys is also one of the ways to get extra income online. But, you do not get high rewards for your time. On some sites, you can earn around $2 – $3 for one hour of your time.

These sites don’t always have surveys available for you. So earning from these sites is very limited – maybe $30 – $40 per month.

Due to the low potential of earning from these sites, I will not go deep into these sites. But, for your reference I am listing some top survey sites:

Google User Research Program

This site is from Google – the most trusted brand in the world. The surveys you get here can fetch you from $50 to $75 per survey.

For example, if you get a survey that takes approximately one hour to complete, it is expected to fetch you $75.

So, it is the most reliable and highest paid survey site. To earn you have to first sign up on this site. This process is quite long, and you will not get paid for signing up. But this effort is worth the rewards it brings in the form of paid surveys afterward.

Please note you will not get surveys on a daily basis. Depending on the answers you provide during sign up process, you may get one or two surveys a month. It is quite possible that you do not get any survey at all.

There are many other paid survey sites, but most of them are scam sites. You can check the following sites which have some positive reviews. Still, they are not very good at customer service.

These sites are – Swagbucks.com, PanelPlace.com, globaltestmarket.com, Mindswarms.com, and Surveysavvy.com.

Winding Up

We have discussed many ways to make extra income online. But, you may choose any one way, and start working on it. Once you are comfortable with it, you can try other modes also.

Making money online is not very difficult. If you want to succeed, you must have at least one skill, which you can sell.

Do not lose hope if you fail in your initial efforts. Instead, learn from your mistakes and keep working until you succeed.

I also follow this rule and work on different ways to earn money. The result is –  I am making over $1000 per month as my extra income online.

So, do not wait; start working and earning your extra income online.



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