Top 40+ High DA Forum Posting Sites List (2018)

Forum posting sites are vital for off page SEO process. For that reason, all webmasters include these sites in the link building plan. In addition, all the top bloggers or website owners use and recommend forum sites.

High DA Forum Posting Sites List
High DA Forum Posting Sites List

In this post, we will discuss some key points about forum posting sites.

  1. What are forum posting sites?
  2. What are the benefits of these sites?
  3. Examples of top bloggers using or recommending forum sites
  4. List of high PR DA forum posting sites
  5. How to use forum submission sites?
  6. Summing up forum posting sites

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What are forum posting sites?

A forum posting site (or a forum site) is an online place where the users can discuss on various topics. As a user you can ask questions and any person can post the answer.

Forum submission sites are of many types. For example, is a technical site and has a support forum. It allows its users to post questions / answers related to various themes and plugins.

In the same way, Microsoft also has a technical forum where users can post issues related to its products.  Then, forum members post replies.

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What are the benefits of these sites?

Some key benefits you can draw from these sites are – valuable back links, referral traffic, knowledge gain, and reputation build up. Let us talk more about these benefits.

Valuable back links

Forum sites are a good source of quality back links free of cost. When you answer a post you get a back link via the link in your signature. In other way, you can insert your web page link if it is relevant. These back links are generally dofollow. They will give a boost to your domain authority.

Referral Traffic

When users are impressed with your answers, they are likely to visit your site, increasing your web traffic. So, if you post more answers, you will get more traffic.

Knowledge gain

If you have any query related to any relevant topic, you will get responses from other members of forum sites. Most of the times you will get the right answers. In the same way, other members post queries to get the answers. Such interaction enhances knowledge of the members.

Reputation Build up

When you regularly help others by correctly answering their queries, you are seen as an expert of a topic. People start believing you. All it means, they follow you on your blog, social media etc.

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Examples of top bloggers using or recommending forum sites

You must have heard the name –Moz. It is a high authority blog that also recommends the use of forum posting sites.  Find the relevant Moz community post here.

Harsh Agarwal of ‘Shout me loud’ supports the use of forum submission sites for getting dofollow back links.

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High DA Forum Posting Sites List

S. No Website DA
1 Flickr Help Forum 98
2 WordPress Support 98
3 Reddit 98
4 Microsoft Community 96
5 Stat Counter Forum 95
6 The Joomla Forum 93
7 Yahoo Answers 92
8 The Video Lan Forums 91
9 SBA Online Discussion Boards 90
10 Word Reference Language Forums 89
11 envato forums 86
12 Site Point Community 85
13 Digital Ocean Community 84
14 File Zilla Forums 83
15 Digital Point 80
16 Ubuntu Forums 78
17 Mozilla Zine 76
18 Notebook Review 73
19 BB Press Forums 72
20 CK Editor Forums 72
21 SEO Chat 70
22 Delphi Forums 70
23 Code Masters Forums 67
24 Site Owners Forums 66
25 Android Forums 65
26 Gallery Forum 64
27 Alice Community Forums 59
28 V7N Webmaster Forum 59
29 Coding Forums 58
30 Small Business Ideas Forum 52
31 My Digital Life Forums 50
32 OZZU Webmaster Forum 50
33 Planet DjVu 50
34 Affiliate Seeking 50
35 SEO Panel Forum 47
36 Webmaster Forums 45
37 The Webmaster Forums 43
38 Webmaster Serve 43
39 eWeb Discussion Forums 42
40 Java Programming Forums 41
41 Small Business Forum 40

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How to use forum submission sites?

  • Choose only those forums which are relevant to your blog niche.
  • Strictly follow the forum guidelines and keep your post concise.
  • A large number of back links from forum submission sites will amount to spamming in the eyes of Google. So, use only few and high domain authority sites for back links.
  • If you do not seek back links, then you can use as many sites as you want.
  • Focus on brand building and referral traffic from these sites.

Summing up forum posting sites

These sites are worth your time as you get so many benefits mentioned above. If you participate in these forums with care, you will get all the benefits and your blog growth rate will improve.

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