Know how to succeed as a full time blogger.

Full Time Blogger | Know How To Become A Full Time Blogger

You might have seen income reports of some bloggers in which they claimed to earn thousands of dollars per month. Such reports may encourage you to become a full time blogger and earn thousands of dollars.

Also, you may start thinking of quitting your present job to start blogging. You will be excited that there will no boss, you will be your boss. Moreover, you can set your working hours and can work from anywhere.

Along with all these thoughts, one doubt or fear will also strike you, whether you can earn that much money.

These are normal thoughts and fears of a person willing to become a full time blogger after reading about seasoned bloggers’ income reports.

In this post, we will discuss all the actions that an aspiring blogger needs to take and become a success.

Full Time blogger | Know How To Become A Full Time Blogger

1. Create your blog

By the way, a blog is a website where you regularly publish posts on a specific niche. And creating your blog is the first step towards becoming a full time blogger.

Here you will need the following things:

  • Decide niche (micro category) of your blog. The niche should be less competitive.
  • Buy a domain that reflects your blog’s niche.
  • Go for WordPress platform for your CMS (content management system) as it is easiest to manage and SEO friendly.
  • Choose a web host for your blog (website) and it should cheap and reliable. I recommend you should either go for Bluehost or Siteground.
  • You can select a suitable theme for your blog. It may be a free or premium theme.
  • Start publishing your content.

2. Do on-page SEO of your blog – an important activity for a full time blogger

SEO stands for search engine optimization. You should optimize your blog and posts for search engines. Because it is needed to bring organic traffic to your blog.

In the op-page SEO, you optimize a website and its content for SEO. For this purpose, need to have a WordPress theme that is built for blogging. Besides, your post should also be SEO optimized.

Your post should be properly formatted. It should have a title with a focus keyword in the beginning. Moreover, the post should have a heading, sub-heading. You should use h2, h3, h4 tags in the post.

Also, the post should have an introductory para and a concluding para.

3. Share post on social media

Get hold of your social media handles and share your blog posts there. It is better if you create social media accounts that represent your blog title. For example, my blog title is Hari For You and my LinkedIn account URL is

So, share your content on all popular social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. You can join some blog sharing Facebook groups and promote your content there. Moreover, you should have a Facebook business page representing your blog.

You can answer questions related to your blog post and share the link there. Quora is very popular and help you get good traffic and boost your brand.

One more thing you can do – ask your friends and relatives to share your content on their network. Spread your content as much as you can for early success.

4. Carry out off-page SEO

To be successful, you need traffic. And the most reliable and free traffic is organic traffic. But, to attract this traffic, you need to carry out off-page SEO off your blog and its content.

In this activity, you need to build backlinks, submit your blog to blog submission sites, blog commenting, etc. You should also submit your blog and its content to ping sites for quick indexing.

Among all the above tasks, backlink building is the most important one as it helps to quickly raise the ranking of your blog post.

Blogger outreach is the most recommended method of link building and can have a detailed post here.

5. Use Facebook ads for traffic

We have talked about organic traffic above doing on-page and off-page SEO. Moreover, we have discussed social traffic which you receive when you share content on social media. Through backlinks on other sites, you can get referral traffic.

There is another way of getting traffic and that is paid traffic. There are many ways of getting paid traffic. And the most popular are Facebook ads and Google ads.

But Facebook ads are the cheapest and reliable way of getting traffic to your blog. You can use Neil Patel’s post on Facebook ads for reference.

6. Build your mailing list

You should also focus on collecting email ids of your readers. This act is done by using subscriber form – either static or a pop-up. If you can build a long list of subscribers, then your potential to sell a product or service is increased a lot.

A mailing list is a sure shot way to get some extra traffic. You may refer to this post to build an email list fast.

7. Monetize your blog

If you have started getting decent traffic on your blog, then monetize the blog. The most popular way is putting affiliate product links. And the next favorite way is to place Google ads on your site. But for this, you need an approved Google AdSense account.

Once your blog is approved for Google AdSense, Google will start posting ads on your blog. And you will start receiving money.

This money depends on the source of traffic, the amount of traffic and the niche of your blog. You are paid maximum when traffic comes from the US or Canada. On the other hand, if the source of your traffic is an Asian country, then your income will be low.

If you are interested in getting deep into it, then go through this post on how to monetize your blog.

8. Sell your product or service

If you are getting large traffic, it means your blog is enjoying the trust of its audience. Now, if you sell any product or service, your audience will trust you and likely to go for the purchase.

The same method is used by all successful bloggers.

So, you can create your product or service and sell it to your loyal audience. Its success rate will be quite high.

Some people have created a service like how to blog, while others have created eBooks and selling them on their blogs.

9. Have patience

Some people taste success early while it takes more time for others. All I mean is you may not get early success. So do not lose heart. Keep learning and rectifying your mistakes, you will succeed. Just DON’T GIVE UP.


You can see the above list of activities to be performed by a person to become successful as a blogger. Here, you notice that all these activities consume all of your available time. By this point, you are sure of how to become a full time blogger to succeed in earning money.

If you are consistent in your work, you will succeed in earning your living. Happy blogging!

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