List of High Authority Backlinks Sites to raise SEO of your website

High Authority Backlinks List to Grow SEO of Your Website

High authority backlinks list is needed by all websites and online business owners. It is because backlinks from high authority sites bring organic traffic.

List of High Authority Backlinks Sites to raise SEO of your website
List of High Authority Backlinks Sites to raise SEO of your website

As you know, backlinks are an important factor in SEO. So, to raise your site SEO you need a greater number of high-quality backlinks.

An SEO-optimized site will rank high in the search results and attract more organic traffic. This web traffic is the backbone of any online business. Therefore, everyone is looking for high PR backlinks sites list.

In this post, I will share and discuss a high authority backlinks list. The list contains dofollow backlinks from high Domain Authority and high PR sites.

High Authority Backlinks List

In general, backlinks are of two types – Internal and External. While internal links (backlinks) take you from one webpage to another on the same site, external links carry you from a webpage on one site to another webpage on a different site.

Here, we will talk about external links only. These links are also of two types – nofollow and dofollow.

The general belief is that nofollow backlinks do not improve your site SEO. So, we will consider only dofollow backlinks from high authority sites. These backlinks that we are going to discuss are free to get.

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First 11 of 20+ High Authority Backlinks Sites

1. Microsoft (Domain Authority – 99, Spam Score – 1%)

This website is known to every computer user. The operating systems and Office tools are the most popular products of this website.

Microsoft Community for questions and answers - provides dofollow backlink to the answering person.
Microsoft Community for questions and answers – provides dofollow backlink to the answering person.

On its community portal, you can answer questions of other members and earn a dofollow backlink in your profile.

You may follow my profile on the Microsoft site and then create your profile.

2. Medium (Domain Authority – 96, Spam Score – 7%)

It is an online publishing platform freely accessible to all users. The site has a large audience and you can republish your original blog posts here to attract some traffic to your website.

You can log in either through email or via Facebook. Create your profile and insert your website URL.

The link will be a dofollow backlink from this high authority site.

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3. Pinterest (Domain Authority – 94, Spam Score – 2%)

This website is a social media platform to share images and short videos. Whenever you create a new post, you should share it on this platform also. Nowadays, it brings more traffic than Facebook.

You will need to insert your website link and validate it. It will be a dofollow backlink from a high PR website.

So, it is a win-win situation – you get a backlink and traffic both.

4. Instructables (Domain Authority – 93, Spam Score – 1%)

It is another high authority site where you can create your profile and get a dofollow backlink. This website is meant for do-it-yourself projects uploaded by users. You can make and share your projects on this website.

This website gets over 35M visits per month. So, if you participate in this site, you may get a good amount of traffic.

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5. The Verge (Domain Authority – 93, Spam Score – 1%)

It is an American site for technology news. You can find product reviews, news, podcasts, etc. It is always good to create a profile and involve in online activities on such sites.

The site attracts over 63M monthly visits. A dofollow backlink from this site may push your site SEO.

I have created my profile on this website for your reference.

6. (Domain Authority – 84, Spam Score – 5%)

This website is a short video sharing site. IOS and Android users can share short looping videos up to 10 seconds. This site draws over 26M monthly visits.

You can create a profile there and get a dofollow backlink. I have created my profile on this site as well.

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7. Deviant Art (Domain Authority – 84, Spam Score – 0%)

It is a community portal for sharing artwork, videography, and photography. It is visited by a large number of people – more than 170M monthly visits.

The website allows you to have a dofollow backlink in the profile section. You can participate in this site to attract some traffic also.

One should not miss a link from such sites.

8. Intense Debate (Domain Authority – 72, Spam Score – 1%)

It is a commenting system for WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and many other CMS/ blogging platforms. The system has many rich features.

The website draws over 216K monthly visits.

As the domain authority of this website is quite high, it is worth to create a profile and get a dofollow backlink from here.

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9. Steinberg (Domain Authority – 72, Spam Score – 2%)

It is a German-based website known for its audio software and hardware solutions. It has offices in many parts of Europe.

The site gets over 4M monthly visits. So, this site is suitable for creating a profile and getting a much needed dofollow backlink.

10. Rhizome (Domain Authority – 69, Spam Score – 3%)

This website is founded to share artwork online. It is a nonprofit company.

Although monthly traffic on this site is not high. It is just 171K per month. But, if you look at its domain authority, it is still high. So, you should create your profile there and get a dofollow backlink.

I have already created my profile for the backlink.

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11. Public Lab (Domain Authority – 64, Spam Score – 1%)

it is a non-profit organization. Public Lab facilitates collaborative, open source environmental research in Community Science.

PublicLab - Get two dofollow backlinks in the profile section from high authority site.
PublicLab – Get two dofollow backlinks in the profile section from high authority site.

This website has just 106K monthly visits. But its domain authority is still high. I have created my profile on this site. My advice is you also create a profile and get the dofollow backlink.

Remaining of the 20+ High Authority Backlinks sites

12. Sony (Domain Authority – 91, Spam Score – 5%)

13. SAP (Domain Authority – 90, Spam Score – 1%)

14. Minds (Domain Authority – 88%, Spam Score – 15%)

15. Viki (Domain Authority – 86%, Spam Score – 1%)

16. Speaker deck (Domain Authority – 85, Spam Score – 6%)

17. Ulule (Domain Authority – 84, Spam Score – 4%)

18. Peatix (Domain Authority – 81, Spam Score – 2%)

19. Slides (Domain Authority – 69, Spam Score – 1%)

20. Growth hackers (Domain Authority – 62, Spam Score – 1%)

21. Mootools (Domain Authority – 59, Spam Score – 2%)

Summing up – High Authority Backlinks List

You must have noticed that all the websites discussed above are high authority sites and also have high PR values.

You may know that only dofollow backlinks carry link juice to improve the SEO. And all these sites are providing an opportunity to get dofollow backlinks. It means all your efforts in creating free dofollow backlinks will not go waste.

So, do not wait, get these backlinks and index them and raise your site’s search ranking.

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