Learn 5 unique ways to earn from Quora

How To Earn From Quora? Learn 5 Unique Ways To Earn From Quora

Learn 5 unique ways to earn from Quora
Learn 5 unique ways to earn from Quora

Many people don’t know how to earn from Quora. It’s 2019 and unless you have been living under a rock, you would have an idea about “What Quora is?”. Well (to get to know more about it), Quora is one of the most well-known sites with over 300 million active user-base. Its audience geography is majorly spread over the United States, India and the UK (A report from Foundation).

Since its launch in 2009, it has gained huge traction and now has come up as the most prevalent online Question and Answer Platform. On Quora, everyone can ask questions, answer questions and readers can upvote or downvote these answers based on how they found these answers to be useful, relevant and solution-oriented.

With Quora’s ever increasing degree of fame, there are loads of lucrative options available to earn money from Quora.

We have tried to briefly explain some of the unconventional ways on how to earn from Quora.com. Let’s get right into it.

How To Earn From Quora? Learn 5 Unique Ways To Earn From Quora

1. Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a business advertising strategy where companies and brands hire a marketing associate related to their niche who get paid a mutually decided percentage or commission by selling the products of that company.

Furthermore, Quora can be the best spot for affiliate marketing. One can make huge profits through it if the right approaches are being implemented. 

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To start with affiliate marketing, sign up on Quora. Select your niche or products / services you can review. Build up your profile, engage followers, inculcate confidence with your helpful answers, and this would ultimately tempt many big brands to contact you for their products.

Let’s suppose your niche is food and nutrition and you replied to a question related to “best diet for diabetic patients” and, at that point, you can furnish your answer with an Affiliate Marketing Link – it will, without a doubt, entice the reader to purchase the specific product. Here, you can win the offer.

Affiliate marketing can generate handsome bucks for you if you have a reasonably good following on Quora. However, one of the cons of this method is that it is specific to your audience and you cannot play beyond your niche of products

2. Embrace Quora’s Partners Program

Quora Partners Program was launched in Jan 2016. It is an invite-only program that pays real money just in exchange for interesting questions. You have to engage readers by posting innovative, valuable questions.

The more your question gets upvotes & attention, the more money you will earn through Quora’s Partner Program. That sounds pretty simple, right? Well, It’s not that straightforward.

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Remember, I just mentioned that it is an invitation-only system. This certainly means that you cannot register or participate by yourself.

Additionally, this method is skeptical than the first method discussed earlier. You would need to spend a few consistent hours posing plenty of questions to make any decent income out of it.

3. Get Bucks Through Monetized Link Shorteners

If you have been using Quora for quite a long time now, then you might be providing links to Quora answers for further references. This time choose to earn through monetized links on Quora Answers whenever you write your next answer.

Get bucks in your pockets through using monetized link Shorteners. Just get yourself registered on any authentic link shortener websites such as I2PS, LinksBucks, etc. and earn some fair amount of money for every 1000 clicks on your shortened links. The best strategy is to use a relevant and catchy tagline along with URL links.

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The amount varies from country to country where the link is being opened. When a threshold amount is crossed then you can easily withdraw the cash.

4. Attract Traffic to Your Blog

There is another way to make the best use of Quora. You can utilize this platform to drive enormous traffic to your blog or website. All you need to do is to provide high-quality, unique and short content transfer to attract your readers.

This is a great way to exploit your readers by providing them a good value. Also, search for your targeted niche pages on Quora. In this way, you will be able to reach out to your customers.

You have to think of some great procedure and excellent answer content so as the readers are eager to tap on your link. With the valuable information (within Quora Answer), provide a link to your relevant blog post.

The chances of visibility and generating traffic to your blog or website will be increased if you would include the URL of your blog in your Bio.

5. Earn Money by Selling Products / Services

Finally, you can also earn hundreds of bucks by selling products or services on Quora. If you know a different set of freelancing skills such as SEO, SMO, content writing, ASO or photography, etc., you can offer your expertise on this platform and make some profit.

Here again, content takes up the charge. Your content should be of high-quality that gets more upvotes and engage more and more customers into conversions.

To make this work, you have to manufacture an extraordinary profile that speaks to the majority of your abilities and past work along with links to your social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Profiles.

Bottom Line

With all of the awesome fеаturеѕ that Quora offers, it іѕ an incredible way to еnrісh уоur knowledge and customer base as well as an innovative way on how to earn from Quora.

Since the assets that Quora оffеrѕ are the tор specialists on thоѕе раrtісulаr tорісѕ, a lot of соnfіdеnсе will be іnѕtіllеd in the реорlе аѕkіng the questions. Thus it is a great way to generate traffic and earn money through reliable methods as discussed above.

Whatever methods you choose, if you write up your answer and compose toward the ending as in “For further reference, click here”. At that point, individuals will definitely get in touch with you and you can definitely generate traffic from them or charge for your products or services.

With everything taken into account, we would state that today Quora has made itself to be one of the most outstanding and famous platforms to earn money.

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