How to sell a WordPress website

How to Sell a WordPress Website? Tips for More Profit

How to sell a WordPress website? This thought must be bothering you if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

  • You own many websites but are finding them difficult to manage now.
  • An urgent need of money.
  • The WordPress website is not performing at the desired level.

Whatever may be the reason, if you are a beginner in selling website business, then this article is for you. Here, I will reveal a few tips to make the process of selling a WordPress website hassle-free.

How to sell a WordPress website
How to sell a WordPress website? Tips for more profit

How to sell a WordPress website? Important tips for more profit

1. Collect all the stats of your site

A website broker will need to know about your site and is likely to demand the following stats of your site:

a) Monetization method – AdSense, advertising, affiliate program, sponsors and partnerships, subscription service, etc.

If the site has multiple sources of revenue, then it will command more value.

b) Yearly revenue & expenses

c) Number of hours spent per week

d) Monthly traffic

e)  URL

f) Age of your site

When asked you will need to validate the data to the website broker. In other words, you will need to share your Google Analytics account, revenue & expense reports, and anything else he asks.

All these stats are required to evaluate your site and reach a sale price for listing.

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2. Get a valuation of your WordPress website

When you type website worth calculator in the Google search box, you will get a few sites’ names.  These names include,,, and many more.

Interestingly, all these sites will give you different values of your website. Moreover, all these values are incorrect and miles away from the real value.

For correct valuation, you should visit Flippa or Empire Flippers. These two sites are renowned and genuine market places for online businesses.

But, don’t be in a hurry to list your website here.  First, register on these sites and complete the process of valuation.  If you want you can try other sites also for valuation.

But, don’t forget to collect the valuation figure from these sites. It will help you decide the sale price for the listing.

3. Find website flipping sites

There are many sites on the web where you can list your WordPress website for sale. Only a few of them are reliable. Some top website flipping sites are:

  • Flippa
  • Empire Flippers
  • FE International
  • Website Broker
  • Motion Invest

i) Flippa

This website allows listing of all types of sites including starter sites, medium value sites, and high value established sites.

Moreover, it claims to have more than 300K registered buyers.

Flippa charges two types of fees – listing fee and success fee. Whereas the listing fee for a starter site is $15, it is $49 for an established site. Further, the success fee is 10% for up to $50K sale price and 7.5% for higher sale prices.

Website listing has two options. Either you can list your site for a fixed price or you can use the auction method.  If you want to know the complete process of sale at Flippa, just visit this page.

To keep you safe, it is using an escrow account. In this method, the buyer and the seller open accounts with The buyer has to park money in his escrow account. The money is released to the seller once the buyer confirms completion of the site handover process.

I strongly recommend Flippa for listing your WordPress website.

ii) Empire Flippers

It is another reputed site for the sale/purchase of established websites. Empire Flippers boasts of an 86% success rate of selling online businesses.

If you have a website whose monthly revenue is above $1000, you can list it here for sale. But, you can’t list your site somewhere else simultaneously.

For a website with a listing price of less than $1Million, Empire Flippers charges a 15% commission.

The listing price depends on many factors like traffic, site age, monetization type, stability of earnings, traffic diversity, etc. Therefore, it varies from 20X to 60X of the average monthly profit.

It is true with all the website flipping sites.

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iii) FE International

This website lists online businesses with sale prices >$100K. Surprisingly, it claims a success rate of 94% that seems to be the highest in the industry.  Besides, 85% of the listed businesses are sold in 60 days.

The fee for using an escrow account is nearly 1% of the sale price (when the sale price is >$100K). But it is divided between the seller and the buyer.

Here, the buyer has to pay a transaction fee of 2.5% of the final sale price. And it is capped to $1000.

FE International charges a 15% success fee.  In all, you get 85% of the sale price minus escrow account charges.

When you think how to sell a WordPress website, then you can choose any of the above sites to list your business.

4. Important tips for selling a website

  • A buyer is interested in the revenue that your site makes per annum.  So, monetize your website properly.
  • If your site has multiple sources of revenue, then its value goes up.
  • Is your site SEO optimized? If not, run an SEO audit and plug the loopholes. Otherwise, the sale price will dip.
  • Traffic is very important. More organic traffic will fetch you a higher price.

Final Thought on how to sell a WordPress website

Treat your website as your house and do your best to make it presentable. Also, keep yourself ready with all the minute details of your site as potential buyers can ask anything during interviews.

Moreover, be patient after listing your site for sale because the complete process takes more than two months.  If you are not successful, then analyze the reasons and work upon them. Afterward, approach a different website flipping site; you will succeed.

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