How to use Pinterest : Tips and Tricks to get huge web traffic

Do you know how to use Pinterest effectively to your advantage? Some of you may say yes, but most don’t have much idea. Therefore, let us first understand this site.

Pinterest, as the people know, is a social media network utilizing images, videos, and GIFs to discover information on the internet. Its CEO calls it a ‘catalog of ideas’ rather than social media website.

How to use Pinterest : Tips and Tricks to get huge web traffic

Find practical tips on how to use Pinterest to drive massive traffic to your site

Pinterest is getting popular each day, and people are using it to promote their products and websites. Surprisingly, women seem more interested and form more than 70% of its user base.

You can use Pinterest to drive a lot of traffic to your website. We will discuss some tips and tricks that will improve our understanding of how to use Pinterest to drive massive web traffic to our site.

Following topics will be discussed to know more about how to use Pinterest:

  1. Use Long and Attractive Images
  2. Optimize Image Name and Pin Description
  3.  Add Web Page URL to Pin
  4.  Pin Frequently
  5. Pin at Right Times
  6. Use Rich Pin
  7.  Add Website to Profile
  8. Add Keywords to About You Section
  9. Follow and Comment Others
  10. Use Social Media Plugin
  11. Install Pinterest Browser Button
  12. Summing up – How to use Pinterest

How To Use Pinterest: Tips and Tricks

1. Use Long and Attractive Images

Structure of a Pinterest page consists of Boards and Pins. Board is an area where you upload and save an image (called a Pin).

You should use images with a minimum dimension of 300px wide and 450px long to create Pins. You can make images even bigger, but keep the aspect ratio to 2:3.

Apart from this, you should make sure that selected images are quite attractive and relevant to the idea you want to promote. It will draw people to click the Pins.

Above tip is the first and vital advice on how to use Pinterest, and you should pay due attention to it.

Pinterest Pin

Image dimension is 300 x 450 and idea being promoted is — Save Money on Web Hosting Renewal

Refer the above image to have a clear grasp of what is being discussed here.

2. Optimize Image Name and Pin Description

To make your Pins rank higher in the Pinterest search, use keywords in the Pin image name and Pin description. For example, if a keyword of your Pin is –how to use Pinterest – then, name your image file as how-to-use-pinterest-pin.jpg.

Similarly, in the Pin description, you can enter the title of your article which usually has the keywords. So, in this case, description will read as How to use Pinterest — Tips and Tricks to get huge web traffic.

3. Add Web Page URL to Pin

If a visitor likes a Pin and wants to navigate to your web page, he can do so in two ways. In the first method, he can click the Pin to let it grow and again click it to reach your web page.

While in the second option, he can click the domain name that appears when he hovers over a Pin and still reach the same web page.

Edit this Pin section of Pinterest

Add keyword in Description and web page URL in Website section

To create the second option for a visitor, you should add web page URL to the Pin description. (Refer the above image)

Remember, we should make it easy for a visitor to navigate to our website if we want more web traffic. That is the sole reason to create the above mentioned second option.

4. Pin Frequently

If you pin frequently, you increase the chances of having more clicks to your Pins and eventually more visits to your website.

To save time you can schedule pinning using any social media tools like ‘Buffer’, ‘Tailwind’, etc. The best frequency of pinning is between 5 and 25 a day.

You should upload pins from your computer or from the internet to save them on the relevant boards on the Pinterest page.

Consistent pinning will expose your pins to the people from different geography and drive traffic to your website.

Remember, many people often neglect this advice and lose potential traffic to their sites. It indicates they don’t have the proper understanding of how to use Pinterest.

5. Pin at Right Times

To make more people visit your Pins and then your website, you should Pin at right times. As per the studies, 9 am, 1 pm and 3 pm are the times you should try for your Pins.

You can work other timings also so that you can decide the most suitable times for the pinning.

Please note, visitors can come from any location in the world. Therefore, it is advisable to pin at an interval of four hours, and at least three times a day to make your strategy of using Pinterest for web traffic, more efficient.

6. Use Rich Pin

A normal Pin shows a little information — some text on the Pin image and in the Pin description. It is sometimes not sufficient for a visitor to get a clear idea you are promoting. As a result, many visitors do not click the Pins.

To get over the above issue, Rich Pins have come into existence. They carry more information about the idea you intend to promote.

For example, if you have an article Rich Pin; it will have the title (a title that you write for sharing an article on social media), meta description, date of article publishing, and a call to action button.

All this information helps a visitor to get a clear idea of what you are promoting and if he likes, he clicks the  ‘Read it’ (call to action) button to access the article on your website.

As a result, you will get a boost to your web traffic.

Rich Pin Example

Rich Pin showing more information (post meta) and call to action button

For example, look at the above Rich Pin displaying extra information (meta description).

Rich Pins are of four types: article, product, recipe, and app. To know the procedure of creating a Rich Pin, please visit the official Pinterest site at

Note: Above tip of using Rich Pins is very important and you just cannot miss it. Many users are not having a proper understanding of how to use Pinterest, fail to implement this tip and lose the free potential traffic.

7. Add Website to Profile

When you create an account on Pinterest, add your website to profile. You should also verify the website to gain the trust of people that you own it.

It will help the visitors to click and navigate to your site if they like your profile. Moreover, you can add your domain to the title also.

To do so, simply add your display name in the first name column and domain name in the last name column while editing your settings.

Describe yourself in short with keywords in ‘About You’ section and add your website in ‘Website’ section

8. Add Keywords to About You Section

While filling information in the About You section, include keywords of your blog. Moreover, make this section impressive yet short.

It will make your Pinterest page more searchable and likable by the people.

9. Follow and Comment Others

You should adhere to the social media rule — follow others to get followers. Find your niche related boards and people and follow them.

You can share other people’s interesting Pins on your board. Also, try to leave good comments on others’ Pins, and visit their sites.

Many of these people will return the favor by emulating your act. The result will be an increase in your website traffic.

10. Use Social Media Plugin

If you want that people should share your article to their social media accounts, you need to install a social media plugin to have share buttons of all popular social media sites like, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

At the end of an article, ask your audience to share it on their social network if they like it.

 11. Install Pinterest Browser Button

To pin an image of your article quickly, you should install Pinterest Browser button. It will also help you to pin any image on the internet to your Pinterest page.

Currently, Pinterest browser button is available for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Summing Up — How To Use Pinterest

Remember, Pinterest is the fastest growing social media network, and if you use it smartly, traffic to your website can improve significantly. I am convinced if you use all the tips mentioned in this article, you will reap the benefits.

Moreover, it will be a good demonstration of your knowledge of how to use Pinterest to your advantage.


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