Top 70+ High DA Image Sharing Sites List (2018)

Image sharing sites are those websites where users can upload, host or share their images or photos. Here, sharing means other users can view these images, but not necessarily download and use them.

High DA Image Sharing Sites List

High DA Image Sharing Sites List

To add further, image owners may apply different copyright options to restrict the use of these images.  But many of these sites allow free usage for personal and commercial purposes.

Under the off page SEO technique, these sites play an important role. You can use image sharing sites for brand promotion, improving SEO, web traffic, and earning some money.

In the below section, we will discuss some points related to image sharing sites to know them better.

  1. Benefits of Image sharing sites
  2. How to use image sharing sites
  3. List of High DA Image Sharing Sites
  4. Winding Up

Top 70+ High DA Image Sharing Sites List

Benefits of Image Sharing Sites

You can use these sites for various purposes. We discuss some of these benefits below:

You can do Brand Promotion

As per the popular saying – “a picture is worth a thousand words” – you can understand the importance of a picture or image over words. So, if you use beautiful and relevant pictures from the photo sharing sites to on your blog posts, chances of your success improve. People remember photos for a longer duration than words.

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Your site SEO gets a boost

It is a good practice to use and optimize an image for SEO. You can insert keywords in the image file name and image caption. Moreover, most of these sites provide inbound backlinks to your site. Thus, improving your site SEO and SERPs.

You can put a condition of attribution for your images hosted on any of these sites. So, whenever, any person uses these images, a backlink to your site gets created. This process can really boost your site SEO.

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Referral Traffic may increase

When people like the photos or images shared by you, they may visit the links associated with them. Moreover, people using your photos may provide an attribution link to your site. It can also bring some good referral traffic.

In all, image sharing sites list can help you get a decent traffic.

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Earn some money from these sites

Some of the image sharing sites allow you to sell your photos on their platforms. This way you can make some money if users find the photos worth buying.

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How to use image sharing sites

Before you start using these sites ensure you have read all the instructions carefully. Then, you can proceed to create an account.

Different sites may have required fields by different names. But, more or less following fields are to be filled on all the sites. All these fields are self-explanatory.

  • Username
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email Id
  • Password
  • Your website URL
  • Description about you
  • Description of your image or photo
  • Social Profile

List of High DA Image Sharing Sites

Part-I of the list:

S. No. Site Name DA
1 Facebook 100
2 Instagram 100
3 Twitter 100
4 Google Plus 99
5 Flickr 98
6 Pinterest 98
7 We Heart It 97
8 imgur 95
9 Photo bucket 95
10 Burst 94
11 Drop box 94
12 Image Shack 94
13 500px 93
14 4 Shared 93
15 Shutter Stock 92
16 Pixabay 92
17 Giphy 92
18 Twit pic 92
19 Unsplash 91
20 Fine Art America 91
21 Image Bam 91
22 P Base 91
23 Post Image 91
24 Red Bubble 91
25 Cloudinary 90
26 Fotki 90
27 Web Shots 90
28 Pexels 88
29 Image Venue 88
30 Lomo Graphy 85
31 85
32 Wal greens 85
33 Picture Trail 85
34 e Baum’s World 84
35 Shutterfly 82
36 23 79
37 Big Stock 77
38 Morgue File 76
39 1X 75
40 Ipernity 75


Part-II of the list:

S. No. Site Name DA
41 Zen folio 73
42 Imgbb 73
43 Turbo Image Host 73
44 Image Event 72
45 Upload House 72
46 Funky IMG 71
47 Deviant Art 71
48 Free Image Hosting 71
49 Drop Shots 70
50 Foto Thing 69
51 Pixoto 69
52 Stock Snap 67
53 Aminus 3 66
54 Ultra IMG 65
55 Gallery Project 64
56 Image Share 62
57 Smug Mug 62
58 IMG SRC 61
59 Slic Pic 61
60 Img Safe 60
61 Art Span 60
62 Image Housing 59
63 Bild me 56
64 Image Upload 56
65 You Pic 55
66 iForce 55
67 Img Up 54
68 post image 54
69 eBay Photo Gallery 52
70 Yogile 52
71 Uploads 51


Winding Up

Now you have got the 70+ high DA image sharing sites list. But, you should not rush and create a profile on every site in one day.

You should take three-four sites a day and carefully create your profile. Moreover, you may do other activities as recommended by these sites.

I am sure you will be able to extract maximum benefits from these sites.


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