Popular photo editor and stock photos websites for free usage

Popular photo editor and stock photos websites for free usage

If you are a beginner blogger, you might be looking for a photo editor and stock photos to create graphics for your site. Moreover, you may want all these for free. You can get them on the internet. In fact, there are many photo editor and stock photos websites which you can try. But this error and trial method to sort the better ones requires a lot of time, effort, and patience.

To make things easy, I have researched and selected six photo editor and stock photos websites for fellow bloggers. There are two photo editor websites and four stock photos websites in this selection.

All the stuff on these sites is free and licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 license. It means you can use the images for personal or commercial purposes without seeking any permission from anybody.

Still, it is advisable to read the license agreement on each site carefully before proceeding.

Stock photos websites

1. Pexels.com

Pexels is a popular website for free images and has an Alexa traffic rank 1177. The website has a vast library of pictures of all traditional categories which include but not restricted to, Apple, design, water, birthday, business, woman, the internet, website, security, etc.

Designers, bloggers or any other person can use these high-quality images as per their requirements. I am also using images for my blogs downloaded from similar sites.

To make it easy for you Pexels has arranged the pictures in five different ways — Discover photos, popular photos, popular searches, leader board and photos by color.

All the photos on the site are licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 license. It means the images are free and can be used for personal or commercial purposes. You can copy, edit or distribute these photos. No attribution is required.

This site also offers free videos under the same CC0 license and has a separate page for it.

2. Pixabay.com

Pixabay is a highly popular website for free images, vector graphics, illustrations, and videos. You can sense the popularity by its Alexa traffic rank of 528. The site boasts of over 1 million pictures and videos of very high quality. You can download and use these images as and where you like. Use them in your house for decoration, on your site to attract visitors or for designing purpose.

All the material is arranged in five different ways for the convenience of users. They are– editor’s choice, images, videos, photographers, and cameras.

All the stuff on the site is licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 license. It means you can download, modify, distribute or use these images & videos as per your choice. In other words, you can use this material for the personal or commercial purpose; there is no restriction.

Still, one should read the license under the preview of each image/video before downloading it.

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3. Unsplash.com

Unsplash is hosting beautiful photos contributed by generous photographers. It has high-resolution images and can be used freely anywhere we want. I have also used many images from this site for my posts. Similarly, other bloggers, designers or anybody can use these photos.

The site has 149 collections of pictures, and each collection is having hundreds of images. Choose the one you like and download images even without signing up. Moreover, no permission is required from the site or photographer.

All the free images are provided under the Creative Commons CC0 license. That’s why you are free to do anything with these pictures. Moreover, there is no restriction on the number of downloads from the site.

4. Stocksnap.io

It is one of the best sites for free images with high resolution. It is my favorite place to download images for work. Stocksnap has created a very user-friendly page to search the required photos. Popular search categories are listed below the search panel.

Resolution of these images is quite high and is more than 4000×3000 pixels. These pictures are offered under the Creative Commons CC0 license. So, you are free to use where you want and the way you want. You can download these images even without signing in. Like other sites, there is no restriction on the number of downloads. Even no attribution is necessary, but if it is provided, it will be cheered.

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Photo editor sites

5. Snappa.com/app

It is a popular online graphic editor and is being used to create customized images for social media posts like the Facebook post, Twitter post, Linkedin post, YouTube thumbnail, etc. People are also using it for blogging & infographics, headers, social media ads, etc.

To create a graphic, you have many options. You can select a background image or pattern from its site free of cost, or you can upload your image for editing. After that, you can apply required effects, text, graphics or shapes or all of these together to the selected background image. You have options to use all these add-ons in a customized manner. Finally, you will get a picture meeting your requirements which can be downloaded in jpeg or png format.

An important point to note– you have to create a free account on this site and log in before you can start using it. The free user account has five downloads per month, limited templates, and two social accounts while pro account ($ 10 per month) can have unlimited downloads, unlimited templates, and unlimited social accounts.

6. Pixlr.com

It is again an online photo editor which you can use to create a customized graphic. It is more or less has all the functions of other graphic editors. But you have to spend some time to learn how to use it properly.

You can create images for your website header, or blog post. Similarly, you can create images for social media posts also. You can create as many graphics as you want and download them on your computer; there is no restriction.

Choose any of the five formats including jpeg and png to download the finalized image. Account sign up is not compulsory, but you will get access to 100 free vectors after signing in.

In the end, you can select the quality of the final image to reduce the file size.


I have briefly explained how to make use of these six photo editor and stock photos websites. You need to finalize your requirements before proceeding to make use of the resources available on these sites. Enjoy the free stuff!

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