Productivity Tips For Bloggers: Be Better And Efficient

Productivity Tips for Bloggers
Tips for bloggers to improve productivity and quality of life

An ordinary blogger has many tasks at hand every day. But, despite his best efforts, he finds even twenty-four hours in a day insufficient to complete the tasks. He wonders how other bloggers are managing their jobs.

I have compiled a list of productivity tips for bloggers which will help them to overcome the issue of time shortage and make them better at their job.

List Of Productivity Tips For Bloggers

Have Basic Infrastructure In Place

Whether you are operating from home or office, you should have the necessary infrastructure in place. It includes a comfortable chair, right dimension table, well-lit workplace, high-speed internet connection, reasonably good computer system, a notepad, etc.

You should have a distraction-free environment. Your work area should be away from TV room and not frequently visited by people.

Computer table and chair
Proper worktable with sufficient light

All these things are necessary for a blogger to work properly.

 Prepare Things To Do List

Usually, a person starts his day without any proper plan of the things to do. Instead, he keeps doing things as they come to his mind. At the end of the day, he finds very few tasks completed.

So, how can he avoid this situation? The solution lies in the things to do list. To create this list, write down all the tasks you want to perform. Now assign time duration for each work. Finally, arrange these jobs in the priority order – most important task first, and least important one in the last.

If you want to see the magic of this list, just prepare it and carry it out seriously.  I can assure you will be able to do three to four times more jobs than you do without such list.

You can prepare this list on a paper-notepad or in a notepad file and refer it every time you finish a job.

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Work On Your Communication Skill

Every writer writes for his audience. If he is unable to communicate his point of view correctly, then he cannot succeed as a writer. Therefore, you can say communication skill plays a major role in the success of a writer or blogger.

What can you do to improve your communication skill? First, work on your vocabulary. If you are not a native English speaker, you will have to work even harder. Second, keep writing (not publishing) as much as you can and then get it evaluated from someone. You need to rectify the problems of your writing work and keep improving.

With improved communication skill you can write effectively and quickly.

You can install and use a free English dictionary app like WordWeb for easy reference. This application will save your time.

Read Your Niche Relevant Articles

Before you write an article, you should gain a good knowledge of its topic. The best way is to read many related articles.

Remember when you write something, your audience expects you an expert on that subject. If they get the impression that you don’t possess the required knowledge or skills, they will leave your site forever.

Therefore, visit top rated sites to read your niche-related articles. You can attend online seminars, watch videos, look for books on your niche relevant articles, etc.  In all, make all possible efforts to access and consume the knowledge.

Once you have the knowledge, you can comfortably write an excellent article in relatively less time.

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Organize Your Computer Files

You need frequent access to the files on your computer. If they are not properly arranged, you will waste a lot of precious time in searching them.

Therefore, create folders and sub-folders and then place relevant files in these folders for easy accessibility later.

Take Regular Backup

Take a regular backup of all the critical data on your computer system and your website. Although it will not directly improve your productivity, it will save you many hours or days of anxiety on many occasions.

Take daily backup manually or by using a tool. These backups will help you recover quickly from a difficult situation caused by a hacker, malware or a hard drive failure.

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Have Frequent Short Breaks

As per the studies, a normal human brain can concentrate for only 45 minutes. After that, a 10 to 15 minutes break is required. If you don’t take a break, your productivity will drop.

As a best practice, take a break of 10 minutes after every one hour. During this break, just relax by listening to your favorite music or doing some stretching exercises. Don’t think of your daily tasks in this period.

Your brain will get recharged and ready to work at its optimum level.

Use Browser Bookmarks

Bookmark the sites you visit frequently. It will save a lot of time.  For example, you may bookmark Google Search Console, favorite Facebook groups, Advanced learner’s dictionary, online image editors, free image websites, etc. Moreover, you should bookmark your niche relevant top rated websites.

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Use Browser Extensions

Every day, you use many online tools. To access them with just one click, you should install them as your browser extensions. Examples of some popular tools are Alexa Traffic Rank, Grammarly, Firebug Lite, Pinterest bar, MozBar, etc.

There can be some more names to this list. In all, this practice saves your time.

Spend Limited Time On Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites
Don’t spend too much time on social media sites.

Although every blogger needs to spend some time on social media sites promoting his articles, replying to his followers, etc., some people become obsessed with sites like Facebook and spends many hours on it every day. It doesn’t prove productive; instead, a big chunk of the precious time is wasted.

Therefore, it is better to spend minimum time on social media sites to remain productive.

Avoid Multi-Tasking

When we feel a burden of many tasks, we tend to start many jobs simultaneously. It leads to frequent switching from one job to another. In the process, we lose focus on any single task. It results in the drop of quality and quantity of the work performed.

Therefore, one job at a time is the best strategy to stay efficient.

Use Social Media Tools

You can manage your social media accounts using tools like Buffer. For example, you can schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. With such tools, you can ensure that your followers are not flooded with many posts at once. These tools help you create posting schedules for many days in advance.

Moreover, you get resulting data like, which post got how many likes, re-shares, comments, etc. Such tools also let you know about the best performing post.  You can make informed decisions based on such data to succeed.

Wrapping It All

If you apply these productivity tips for bloggers consciously, they can make you a better and efficient blogger. Additionally, these tips will make your life easier.

Hari Mohan is the founder of and blogs on WordPress, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Technology. He believes in “Keep the things Simple and Help others to Succeed.”

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  2. Hey Hari, these tips are definitely going to help out many new bloggers. We as bloggers definitely need to become very productive and for that we need to follow a perfect schedule. It is important to have a ‘To do list’ for doing all the tasks and achieving more from blogging.

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