Top 5 ways to make money online


Top 5 ways to make money online

Most of you would have heard that people make money online. It is true also; some people make a good amount of money online, but most of the people fail to earn any significant amount. It is because they do not know which earning method suits them. They just adopt any method randomly, and start working on it, only to fail eventually.

Firstly, you need to know your niche, an area where you have the expertise and then select the right method of online an issue. Still, to be successful, it requires a lot of time, patience, hard work, consistency, motivation, and strategies to succeed.

If you search the web, you will come across many ways to earn money online. But most of them either do not work or offer reduced rewards. Especially those methods which ask you to deposit some money for registration or as an initial investment are fake or scams. Just stay away from them, and we will tell you working top 5 ways to make money online.

Here is a list of top 5 ways to make money online

1. Write an article

If you have excellent writing skills and express yourself well, you can start writing articles for other bloggers and webmasters as they always look for fresh & new contents on their websites.

Here you can earn some real money. For this, you can contact these people and offer your service for writing articles. You need to show your earlier works to convince them.

You can also use freelance websites to get some writing work. Some favorite sites are-,,,, and

2. Affiliate Marketing

It is the favorite way of most of the bloggers on their sites as it does not require any investment, but rewards are excellent. Many people are earning more than $ 4,000 a month.

But before adopting this method of earning, read thoroughly about Affiliate marketing and then select an appropriate partner as your affiliate. Amazon’s affiliate marketing program is the most popular program in the world. You can also consider it.

3. You can sell domain name

There are some popular websites which offer domain names at cheaper rates. You can buy some popular domain names and then register them for auction.

Some of the popular websites offering domain auction services are-,,, and

Here, you can earn anything from $ 30 to $ 20,000 depending on the deal.

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4. Monetize YouTube videos

It is probably the most popular method of making money online. The most interesting thing about it-no investment is required. You need to create your video which should be free from any copyright issue and also follows the YouTube’s terms and conditions.

The topic of the video can be anything you like—it may be how to create soft chapattis, how to configure a WordPress website, how to book an air ticket. Just upload it to YouTube; a site which is among the top sites in the world and your video will be instantly available to view for billions of audiences all over the world.

Some people are earning as much as $2,000 a day. But not everyone can earn this much, but it shows the potential of YouTube.

5. Online tutoring work

If you have good knowledge of a subject or a professional teacher you can start online tutoring work and make money online. Normally, an online tutor helps his student on a subject through video conferencing.

For this job, you need to have a PC or laptop, high-speed Internet connection, a webcam, and Skype.

You can register with online tutor websites. It will bring you tutor jobs quickly. These sites will charge a nominal fee for their service. Some favorite tutor sites are –, Homework tutoring, Aim-for-A Tutoring, My Tutor 24.

If you do not want to teach live online and want to have a control of your timings, you can prepare tutorial courses and sell them to tutoring companies. One such famous company is


These five ways of making money online are the most popular ones as per me. You can choose any one or more ways to start earning as per your interest and capabilities. Happy online earning!

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