Top Bloggers in the World

10 Top Bloggers In The World And Their Net Worth (Year 2022)

If you are a blogger and earning little to nothing, then net worth of top bloggers in the world can open your eyes to the potential of blogging.

For the sake of present and upcoming bloggers, I am presenting the 10 top bloggers in the world and their net worth. And, I am sure it will motivate you.

Top Bloggers In The World

1. Arriana Huffington

She was born in Greece, but migrated to England at the age of 16. There, she completed her studies from Cambridge University.

Arriana created a blog cum news site Huffington Post in May 2015. Soon, it became popular over the internet.

To encash its popularity, AOL bought Huffington Post in 2011 for a huge amount. But, she was kept as President and Editor-in-chief of the site.

 Later on, AOL renamed the site to Huff Post.

She has figured in the Time magazine’s list of top 100 influential people in the world.

In Sep 2016, Arriana created Thrive Global – a blog that publishes inspirational stories to build healthy habits.

The net worth of Arriana as of 2021 is $100 million.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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2. Michael Arrington

He is an American and co-founded Techcrunch June 2005. This site is an online newspaper focusing on tech and startup companies.

Later on, Michael sold it to AOL to collect a huge sum of $25 million.

Michael did not rest there and created CrunchBase and Arrington XR Capital.

Wired and Forbes magazines have named him as one of the most powerful persons on the internet. The blog Techcrunch is earning through advertising banners and sponsored content.

The net worth of Michael Arrington is in excess of $15 million.

You may follow him on Twitter.

3. Pete Cashmore

He belongs to Scotland and founded the popular blog mashable in 2005. Interestingly, he was just 19 years old at that time.

Mashable covers wide range of topics including technology, culture, entertainment, etc.  Later on, he sold this blog for $50 million.

Moreover, Cashmore was named as one of the top 25 web celebs by the Forbes magazine in 2009.

Pete Cashmore’s net worth is estimated at $20 million.

You may follow him on Twitter.

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4. Peter Rojas

He completed his M. A. from University of Sussex, UK in 1998. Afterwards, he worked with Red Herring magazine till 2001 as editor and writer.

Later on, he co-founded Gizmodo in April 2002. Then, he left it to co-found Engadget in March 2004 and worked there as editor-in-chief till Jul 2008.

Moreover, he founded a video gaming blog ‘’ in May 2004. Later on, Engadget was acquired by AOL in 2011. This site is now owned by Verizon Media.

Now, he is working as a partner with Betaworks Ventures and stays in California, United States.

His estimated net worth is under 3.2 million dollars.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

5. Rand Fishkin

In 2004, Rand Fishkin co-founded MOZ  – an SEO software company. In addition, he served there as CEO till 2014.

Rand Fishkin, an American, is popular for the ‘Whiteboard Friday’ video posts at MOZ where he discussed SEO concepts in easy to understand language.

Thereafter, Rand left MOZ in 2018 and formed SparkToro.

Net worth of Rand is estimated to be around $12 million.

You may follow him on LinkedIn.

6. Vitaly Friedman

He is from Germany and worked as web designer and consultant for years. Then, he co-founded the blog Smashing Magazine  in Sep 2006.

On this site, you will find practical and useful articles for web developers and designers.

Further, Friedman has been tremendously successful and credit goes to his team that keeps focus on quality.

Now, if we talk about his income from this blog, it is estimated at $190,000 per month. And the source of income is advertising banners.

You can follow him on LinkedIn.

7. Collis Ta’eed

This man is from Australia and co-founded Envato with his wife Cyan Ta’eed in 2006. The site is now a popular online platform to buy and sell creative assets, design templates, etc.

Moreover, people can learn creative skills and if required, hire freelancers.

Envato group is running another blog Tutsplus.

It offers video courses on web design and development, photography, game development, etc. In addition, thousands of free tutorials are available to master various skills.

Collis has earned a lot from these two sites and his net worth is over $1 billion.

You may connect with him on LinkedIn.

8. Joost De Valk

He was a blogger and SEO consultant in 2004. Thereafter, Joost started the current SEO blog Yoast in 2007. By the way, he belongs to Netherlands and works from there.

To add further, Yoast team includes Joost, his wife and more than 100 other people who work to improve coding for web design.

Joost had been fond of open source platform like WordPress and contributed regularly to it. As you know, he created Yoast SEO plugin which is immensely popular and ranks number one.

Earlier, he kept it free, but later on, he released its premium version and started earning money.

Now, there are some more plugins which are earning good money for the company.

As far as monthly revenue is concerned, it is estimated to be more than $1.0 million and net income is more than $250K.

You may follow him on Twitter.

9. Brian Clark

He is a blogger, traveler, and an entrepreneur. Since 1998, Brian has been building online content marketing sites. To name a few, he founded, and his main blog Copyblogger.

The blog Copyblogger started in 2006 by this man from the United States. And, the mission of Copyblogger team is to create content that helps people reach their business goals.

Due to this blog, he earned a lot of name and fame in the world. For example, in one of its articles, Forbes magazine named Copyblogger the most influential content marketing blog in 2017.

The annual income was in excess of $12 million in 2017. But, we have no clue about the current income.

If you want, follow him on LinkedIn.

10. Pat Flynn

He is from United States and holds an architecture degree from California University. After college, he started working as job captain in a private company.

But, in the 2008 recession, he was laid off just before his marriage. It came as a shock and he decided to work towards securing financial future.  So, he entered into the world of online business.

Pat created his first site that helps people pass LEED exam in the architecture industry.

Later, he started SmartPassiveIncome in Oct 2008. This site belongs to affiliate marketing and blogging industry.

Pat’s main income is from affiliate marketing. And, his total net worth is around 2 million dollars.

You can follow him on LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts about Top Bloggers In The World

Each one of these top bloggers has shared a lot about the steps he took to be successful. You just need to implement their success formula in your life. And, who knows, one day, you may appear in the list of top bloggers in the world. Good luck!

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