Top YouTubers in India for 2018 as reported by YouTube India

Top YouTubers in India and Their Earnings

Top YouTubers in India for 2018 as reported by YouTube India
Top YouTubers in India for 2018 as reported by YouTube India

Top YouTubers in India are enjoying celebrity status and minting decent money. In terms of US dollars, they are earning a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per month.

At first, they were not sure of success. So, most of them started with minimal or no investment.

But the wisest thing these YouTubers did was they started doing what they had loved. In other words, they turned their hobbies into a profession.

Creating quality videos has earned them millions of subscribers which are contributing to the millions of views for each video.

These YouTubers have got celebrity status which is pleasing and enjoyable. And people are eager to click a selfie with them.

In this post, we will dig deeper and know many more things about the top YouTubers in India.

Top YouTubers in India

Let us first discuss the top 10 of the top Indian YouTubers of 2018 as ranked by YouTube India.

1. Amit Bhadana – (YouTube Channel name – Amit Bhadana, Category – Comedy)

Amit Bhadana - an actor and comedy video creator
Amit Bhadana – an actor and comedy video creator

He is ranked number one in the list of the top Indian YouTubers 2018. He posts funny videos on his channel. And he also acts in the videos and makes people laugh. He has created many videos in school and college life.

He was born and brought in a middle-class family of Delhi. His year of birth is 1994.

Amit completed his schooling from a Yamuna Vihar, Delhi school. He was very good at studies. But he used to crack jokes on his friends and teachers.

The same habit continued even when he joined a Delhi college for graduation.

Once he dubbed a movie clip in his own voice and uploaded on Facebook. When he returned to college after vacations, he found that the video had got hundreds of likes and was shared a number of times. In other words, the video went viral on Facebook.

Some of his friends advised him to start his own YouTube channel and share the videos there. At first, he was hesitant and did not want to face the camera. But, after constant persuading, he decided to face the camera and started shooting videos with his friends.

He shot the videos in Gujjari (a language that is a rural version of Hindi).  And he was an instant hit.

Comedy has been Amit’s hobby right from childhood. That is why he looks so natural playing a comic character. It is the sole reason for the success of his channel.

In short, Amit pursued his hobby against the wishes of his family and finally got the success.

He also ranks first place in the comedy category of top YouTubers in India.

Amit’s most viewed video is “Types of people in a Bus” with over 46M views.

His channel is managed by a company – VCOI Digital Media Pvt Ltd.

Awards and Recognition

His channel has won a few awards also. These awards are:

  • National Academy Award
  • National Summit Award

Moreover, Amit has figured on some high authority news sites like Hindustan Times and Broadway World.

Now his next target is to make a comedy film.

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Stats of YouTube channel Amit Bhadana:

  • Subscribers – 14.9M
  • No. of videos – 54
  • Total views – 973M

Earning and Social Media presence of Amit Bhadana YouTube Channel:

  • Monthly Earning – $12.8K – $204.5K ———- (CPM rate presumed is $0.25 to $4.0)
  • Facebook Fans – 6.3M
  • Instagram Followers – 2.4M
  • Twitter Followers – 91.7K

2. Bhuvan Bam – (YouTube Channel Name – BB Ki Vines, Category – Comedy)

Bhuvan Bam - many award winner and comedy video creator
Bhuvan Bam – many award winner and comedy video creator

He is an Indian YouTuber who runs the channel “BB Ki Vines.” His videos are full of comedy. And he also acts in his videos.  Bhuvan creates videos in the Hindi language. But many of his videos use abusive words.

He was born in a middle-class family of Delhi.  And his year of birth is 1994. Later, he studied in Green Field School, Delhi.

Bhuvan enjoyed entertaining his school friends with jokes and singing. He had a passion for music. But he had little interest in studies. That’s why he performed poorly in the class 12 exams.

After that, he joined a college in Delhi for graduation. At the same time, he continued his singing practice.

To try his luck with singing, Bhuvan uploaded a song on social media. The song got viral but it could not get him any contract from any of the music companies.

In the meantime, there was a flood in Kashmir and a child was flowing down the river. On that occasion, a news reporter asked the child’s mother, ‘’How are you feeling?” Bhuvan could not believe that people could be so insensitive and decided to create a video on this topic.

He uploaded it on his Facebook profile. But his friends advised him to upload such videos on YouTube which would earn him some money also.  

So, Bhuvan uploaded a video on his YouTube channel BB Ki Vines. When he checked after a few weeks, he found the video had got fifty thousand views. In fact, it got viral in Pakistan’s college.

It was the start of his YouTube journey and later he created many videos. Within two years of time, he got millions of subscribers.

While creating a video, he takes care of the originality, quality, and creativity. That’s why his videos are liked so much.

Bhuvan also earns by singing in parties, marriages, and events.

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Awards and Recognition

He has been recognized and awarded for his efforts as a YouTuber. Some of the awards are:

  • WebTVAsia Awards 2016 for the Most Popular Channel on YouTube
  • 2018 Entertainer of the Year award
  • Game Changer Award by Hindustan Times
  • Global Entertainer of the Year 2019 award at Cannes De Festival

Stats of YouTube Channel BB Ki Vines

  • Subscribers – 13.8M
  • No. of videos – 143
  • Total views – 1.76B

Earning and Social Media presence of BB Ki Vines YouTube Channel:

  • Monthly Earning – $14.2K – $227.2K ———- (CPM rate presumed is $0.25 to $4.0)
  • Facebook Fans – 4.8M
  • Instagram Followers – 6.4M
  • Twitter Followers – 2.4M

3. Gaurav Chaudhary – (YouTube Channel Name – Technical Guruji, Category – Tech)

Gaurav Chaudhary creates videos on electronic gadgets
Gaurav Chaudhary creates videos on electronic gadgets

Gaurav Chaudhary is also known as “Technical Guruji” – his YouTube channel name. He was born in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. And his year of birth is 1991.

He completed M. Tech. from Bits, Plani college in Rajasthan. Then, he moved to Dubai to work with Dubai police as a security engineer.  Along with this job he also runs some family business there.

Gaurav creates videos related to electronic gadgets in Hindi and in a way that even a layman can grasp. Also, he is regular and daily uploads new videos.

YouTube likes such creators and promotes their channels. It helps in gaining more views and subscribers. In fact, he is the first tech YouTuber in the world to reach 10 million subscribers.

He runs another channel by the name of “Gaurav Chaudhary” which has over 2M subscribers.

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Awards and Recognition

  • Top Tech Content Creator of 2018 award by YouTube
  • He appeared in many newspapers and TV channels.

Stats of YouTube Channel Technical Guruji

  • Subscribers – 12.8M
  • No. of videos – 2.32K
  • Total views – 1.22B

Earning and Social Media presence of Technical Guruji YouTube Channel:

  • Monthly Earning – $12.3K – $197.2K ———- (CPM rate presumed is $0.25 to $4.0)
  • Facebook Fans – 818K
  • Instagram Followers – 968K
  • Twitter Followers – 1.8M

4. Ashish Chanchlani – (YouTube Channel Name – ashish chanchlani vines, Category – Comedy)

Ashish Chanchlani - a famous comedy video creator
Ashish Chanchlani – a famous comedy video creator

He ranks at the fourth place in the list of top Indian YouTuber 2018. Ashish Chanchlani was born in a middle-class family of Maharashtra. 1993 is the year of birth of Ashish. And his father had a one-screen theater.

Ashish was brought up watching movies and formed a passion for acting. And he started making mimicry of others in the school. But he did not get any opportunity to show his talent in the school events till 8th standard.

He was not good at studies. Besides, he was quite healthy and used to feel humiliated when other students were preferred to him.

So, he decided to inform his parents about his lack of interest in studies and passion for acting while in school. But his father advised him to complete the basic formal education before chasing acting as a career.

This advice encouraged him to work hard and pass the 12th class with good marks. At the same time, he won many medals for acting.

In college, he hosted many cultural events and showed his speaking and acting skills to the people.

But Ashish quit his engineering degree program in the midway to chase his love for acting. And he joined Barry John acting school to sharpen his acting skills.

One day he came across David Lopez’s vine while surfing on the net. He loved that funny vine and thought if he could also create such videos. Remember, a vine is a short video that entertains people.

The answer came from within that he could do it. Then, he researched on the web and found that nobody from India was making comic vines.

So, he started making comic vines related to Indian youth and shared them on Facebook and Instagram. They went viral.

Later, he started his own YouTube channel “ashish chanchlani vines.”

The ultimate aim of Ashish to become an actor and his favorite film star is Akshay Kumar.

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Awards and Recognition

  • Best Comedy Influencer Award at Cannes De Festival 2019
  • Hindustan Times new paper also took note of Ashish and his channel.

Stats of YouTube Channel ashish chanchlani vines:

  • Subscribers – 12.4M
  • No. of videos – 126
  • Total views – 1.13B

Earning and Social Media presence of ashish chanchlani vines YouTube Channel:

  • Monthly Earning – $13.9K – $222.4K ———- (CPM rate presumed is $0.25 to $4.0)
  • Facebook Fans – 3.8M
  • Instagram Followers – 3.6M
  • Twitter Followers – 480K

5. Sandeep Maheshwari – (YouTube Channel Name – Sandeep Maheshwari, Category – People)

Sandeep Maheshwari - a well known motivational speaker
Sandeep Maheshwari – a well known motivational speaker

He was born in a middle-class family of Delhi. And his year of birth is 1980. His schooling also happened in the same city.

Sandeep joined a Delhi college to pursue B. Com. During his college days, he tried his hands on modeling, but failed.

 He left the college in the final year when a strong desire to become rich and popular overwhelmed him.

At first, he started working as a photographer. Later he created a company “Mash Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd.” for making portfolios of the struggling models.

In 2003, he took 10,000 shots of 122 models in ten hours and 45 minutes. This effort was registered in “The Limca Book of World Records.”

Three years later, he floated a site This site has the largest collection of Indian images and caters to more than 7000 clients across 45 countries.

He is fond of reading motivational and self-improvement books. Some of his favorite books are:

  • Think and Grow Rich (by Napoleon Hill)
  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (by Dr. Joseph Murphy)
  • Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling (by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer)

Sandeep wanted to contribute to society and started “Free Life-Changing Seminars and Sessions.” All his videos motivate people to start working and succeed.

In fact, Sandeep has become a role model for millions of people.

He has figured in national and international media. Moreover, Sandeep has many awards to his credit. You can know more about him at Sandeep Maheshwar website.

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Awards and Recognition

  • In 2013, Creative Entrepreneur of the year by Entrepreneur India Summit
  • Pioneer of tomorrow by “ET Now” television channel

Stats of YouTube Channel Sandeep Maheshwari:

  • Subscribers – 10.5M
  • No. of videos – 221
  • Total views – 562M

Earning and Social Media presence of Sandeep Maheshwari YouTube Channel:

  • Monthly Earning – $5.6K – $90.2K ———- (CPM rate presumed is $0.25 to $4.0)
  • Facebook Fans – 10M
  • Instagram Followers – 596K
  • Twitter Followers – 167K

6. TS Madaan – (YouTube Channel Name – TsMadaan, Category – How to)

TS Madaan - a highly rated motivational speaker
TS Madaan – a highly rated motivational speaker

He is a motivational speaker and life coach since 1980. He is from Amritsar, Punjab but currently lives in Delhi. And he finished his graduation from an Amritsar college.

Madaan used to conduct seminars, create videos and write books. But he is no more conducting motivational seminars. Rather he is focusing on creating self-employed direct selling professionals.

His style of training has been entertaining and interactive.

Madaan has been a regular blood donor. So far, he has donated blood more than 36 times.

He has worked with famous brands and some of them are – Bharathi Cement, Wonder Cement, Zydus, Lupin, Nokia, LIC, etc.

Madaan has joined IMC company as an associate. This company manufactures and market organic, herbal and ayurvedic health and wellness products.

Awards and Recognition

  • President of India Medal from Rashtrapati of India
  • Udyog Rattan award
  • Certificate of Excellence in Management and Innovation

Stats of YouTube Channel TsMadaan:

  • Subscribers – 7.3M
  • No. of videos – 1.52K
  • Total views – 780M

Earning and Social Media presence of TsMadaan YouTube Channel:

  • Monthly Earning – $3.3K – $52.6K ———- (CPM rate presumed is $0.25 to $4.0)
  • Facebook Fans – 49K
  • Instagram Followers – 6.6K
  • Twitter Followers – 914

7. Nisha Madhulika – (YouTube Channel Name – NishaMadhulika, Category – Food)

Nisha Madhulika creates videos on food recipes
Nisha Madhulika creates videos on food recipes

Next name on the list of top YouTubers in India is Nisha Madhulika. She was born in 1959 and stays in Noida.

At first, she worked as a teacher. But she left the job due to commuting problems when her family shifted from Delhi to Noida.

To utilize her free time, she thought of sharing her cooking experience with the world. So, she started a recipe blog.

Later she moved to another site. Her sons and husband supported her in building her that website.

She is very good at cooking which she owes to her mother.

To create new dishes, she used to experiment with her recipes. Her recipes were being praised worldwide and fans requested to upload recipe videos.

So, she started her own YouTube channel where she uploads 3-4 recipe videos per week. To add further, she shoots easy veg recipe videos in Hindi.

Her channel has made Nisha very popular. In fact, she is the topmost Indian YouTuber in the “Food” category. Even her husband feels proud when somebody calls him Nisha’s husband.

 Nisha’s outlook towards life:

“If you have dreamt of something and working hard for it and it doesn’t come true, then there’s nothing to feel bad about it. Instead, keep on working hard.”

Awards and Recognition

  • Top YouTube Cooking content creator in the Social Media Summit & Awards 2017
  • She was featured in the interviews of Lok Sabha TV.
  • Top Food Content Creator of 2018 award by YouTube India

Stats of YouTube Channel NishaMadhulika:

  • Subscribers – 7.1M
  • No. of videos – 1.40K
  • Total views – 1.32B

Earning and Social Media presence of NishaMadhulika YouTube Channel:

  • Monthly Earning – $6.1K – $98K ———- (CPM rate presumed is $0.25 to $4.0)
  • Facebook Fans – 576K
  • Instagram Followers – 37K
  • Twitter Followers – 2045

8. Dr. Vivek Bindra – (YouTube Channel – Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker, Category – Education)

Dr. Vivek Bindra - many award winner Indian YouTuber and motivational speaker
Dr. Vivek Bindra – many award winner Indian YouTuber and motivational speaker

This famous Indian YouTuber was born and brought up in Delhi. His year of birth is 1978. Vivek Bindra was a brilliant student in his school days.

He completed his graduation from a Delhi college while he chose a Noida college for MBA.

After finishing his MBA, he wanted to do something new in the field of business. So, he asked himself, “Why do many people fail in business?” This question led to the path of his current career. And he became a motivational speaker and leadership trainer.

During the MBA, some teachers who were working as his guide gave him Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta. He was impressed by the teachings of this revered Hindu book. Now, a reference is made to this book in most of his videos.

Vivek Bindra was conferred with an Honorary Ph.D. degree from OIUM University of Colombo.

He also started “Global ACT” – an organization to empower the manpower.

Dr. Vivek is an international figure. He has over 1500 clients across 25 countries.

Awards and Recognition

  • Best leadership trainer in Asia award by World HRD Congress
  • Best corporate trainer in India – awarded by Maruti Suzuki
  • Best CEO coach in India at Times of India, Speaking Tree

Stats of YouTube Channel “Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker”:

  • Subscribers – 8.3M
  • No. of videos – 379
  • Total views – 440M

Earning and Social Media presence of “Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker” YouTube Channel:

  • Monthly Earning – $5.3K – $85.2K ———- (CPM rate presumed is $0.25 to $4.0)
  • Facebook Fans – 785K
  • Instagram Followers – 68.2K
  • Twitter Followers – 38K

9. Sanam – (YouTube Channel Name – Sanam, Category – Music)

Sanam Puri - a singer and musician with his team
Sanam Puri – a singer and musician with his team

Full name of the owner of “Sanam” YouTube channel is Mr. Sanam Puri. He was born in 1992 in Delhi. And his schooling took place in Indian School, Muscat, Oman.

But, Sanam could not complete his graduation and dropped out of the college in Delhi.

Sanam had a passion for songs. In fact, he started writing song lyrics when he was just 12 years old.

His parents were supportive and wanted to see him as a great singer.

He won 36 trophies in singing competitions during his stay of 3 years in the college.

In 2010, Sanam collaborated with his brother and two close friends to form his first band “SQS Supastars.” And they were able to win the “Times Music Pop Band hunt” competition.

Later, Sanam and his team moved to Mumbai and renamed their band as “SQS Project.”

Finally, in 2013, they hired Ben Thomas as the band manager.

As per Sanam, his YouTube success was accidental. He had no plans to upload his song singles on YouTube. In fact, he recorded some videos for a few agents for live concerts globally. And for fun, he uploaded these videos on his YouTube channel also.

After a few months, he received a cheque of $800 from Google as his revenue from the ads on his YouTube videos.

In 2014, the band was renamed and its new name was “Sanam.” This word indicates love in various languages including Hindi and Urdu.

His ambition is to revive Indian music culture.

Awards and Recognition

  • Best Music Content Creator 2018 (National Category)
  • Digital Icons of the year award 2018
  • Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Award for the Live Band 2019

Stats of YouTube Channel Sanam:

  • Subscribers – 5.9M
  • No. of videos – 107
  • Total views – 1.07B

Earning and Social Media presence of Sanam YouTube Channel:

  • Monthly Earning – $5.3K – $85K ———- (CPM rate presumed is $0.25 to $4.0)
  • Facebook Fans – 1.9M
  • Instagram Followers – 221K
  • Twitter Followers – 82.5K

10. Vidya Iyer – (YouTube Channel Name – Vidya Vox, Category – Music)

Vidya Iyer - a female Indian YouTuber who creates mashup music videos
Vidya Iyer – a female Indian YouTuber who creates mashup music videos

Owner of the YouTube channel “Vidya Vox” is Vidya Iyer. She was born in Chennai, India. But she migrated to the USA when she was just 8 years old. Currently, she lives in Virginia, USA and has become an American singer and YouTuber.

Vidya joined a USA college for graduation.

She came back to India for two years to learn Indian music. Vidya loves Indian music as well as Western music. Therefore, you will find her music as a mix of Western pop and Indian classical music.

Vidya knows many languages and finds herself at ease with Hindi, Tamil, and English.

She sings regularly in her boyfriend Shankar Tucker’s band. Vidya collaborated with him for creating music. That is why many of her initial song videos appeared on his channel.

Many of her song mashups drew appreciation from the top Bollywood stars.

She organized her shows at many renowned places including “The White House.”

Awards and Recognition

  • Top music creator award 2018 among Indian musicians by YouTube
  • Her channel finds mention in the Times of India news website.

Stats of YouTube Channel Vidya Vox:

  • Subscribers – 5.9M
  • No. of videos – 39
  • Total views – 628M

Earning and Social Media presence of Vidya Vox YouTube Channel:

  • Monthly Earning – $3.8K – $61.1K ———- (CPM rate presumed is $0.25 to $4.0)
  • Facebook Fans – 1M
  • Instagram Followers – 908K
  • Twitter Followers – 90.3K

Next 10 YouTubers from India

Now I am listing the next 10 YouTubers that come from various categories.

S. No.YouTuber
11Dinesh Godarawifistudy7.8M10.8K784M$18.6K – $297.8K
12Gaurav GargStudy IQ education 5.3M9.34K536M$7.7K – $122.8K
13AnaysaAnaysa5.8M271705M$12.2K – $195.7K
14Shruti Arjun AnandShruti Arjun Anand3.7M747577M$7.3K – $117.1K
15Tejas DhokeDancefit Live2.7M79413M$4.8K – $76.5K
16Elif Khan Elif Khan 2M136388M $1.9K – $31.1K
17Geeky RanjitGeekyranjit2.6M2.56K508M$2.4K – $38.3K
18Ranveer AllabhadiaBeerBiceps2M375122M$1.4K – $23.1K
19Vivek MittalFit Tuber1.4M14899.2M$2K – $32.2K
20Sejal KumarSejal Kumar1M199127M$1.1K – $18.1K

Summing up

As you can see above, all these Indian YouTubers are making decent money from the ads on their videos. Moreover, they are getting business deals from various companies.

But, one thing is common with all the top Indian YouTubers. They are good at their jobs and put consistent hard work into their projects.

I hope the success of these YouTubers will motivate you to become a great YouTuber.

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