High PR Video Submission Sites List

High PR Video Submission Sites List (2022)

You must include video submission sites in your SEO plan. They bring relevant traffic as well as raise your search ranking. That is why many bloggers and business owners are seen to make use of these sites.

It is not enough to create and upload videos on YouTube. In addition, you have to look for other sites.

High PR Video Submission Sites List
High PR Video Submission Sites List

You can find below a list of topics we will discuss in this post.

What are Video Submission Sites?

As the name suggests, sites where you can upload your videos for the audiences, are called video submission sites or video sharing sites. YouTube is the most popular site in this category.

High PR Video Submission Sites List

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A brief description of top Video Sharing Sites

a) YouTube

Everyone knows that YouTube is the main site for video hosting.  Here, you can share all types of videos – private or promotional.  But, stay away from videos, which are banned by the law.

And, you can even run live streaming of any event on a YouTube channel.

It supports thirteen types of video files along with MP4. Also, it can play videos of low quality as well as high quality.

Some  interesting stats about YouTube

  • This site has more than 1.5 billion registered users.
  • Do you know more than 23 billion visitors use this site monthly?
  • It is the second most famous site of Google.
  • And its users upload more than 300 hours of videos per minute.

Important features of YouTube

  • Any person with a Gmail account can create a video channel here.
  • And, if you have a Gmail account, you can create up to 50 video channels.
  • Next, the site allows a user to upload any number of videos he wants.
  • This channel is free to view and free to upload videos.
  • If you do not have a Gmail account, you are not allowed to comment, like, dislike or subscribe to any video channel.
  • You can make your video setting to ‘public’ or ‘private.’
  • If you want, you can block ads on your videos.
  • And, if you want to earn money, you will need to monetize your videos.
  • You must not upload ‘hate or porn’ videos.
  • Also, you cannot use other people’s content in your videos.

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b) Vimeo

  • This site is a famous video hosting site after YouTube.
  • You can upload, view and share videos on this site.
  • It was the first to back high quality videos.
  • This site has a DA value of 96.
  • Here, users make more than 150 million visits per month.
  • This site has more than 70 million active users.
  • Also, this site has one free plan and few paid plans to host your videos.

Free Plan  (Basic Membership)

The basic membership includes the following facilities:

  • This plan allows you to upload 500 MB of video content per week.
  • It allows up to 5 GB of total storage for your account.
  • You can upload ten videos per day.
  • Also, you can create one channel, three albums, and one group.
  • It does not allow you to upload videos that are promoting a product or bringing traffic to your site.
  • Also, you do not get priority support in the free plan.

Vimeo Plus

  • You can upload 5 GB video content per week and up to 250 GB a year.
  • Here, you can create unlimited channels, albums, and groups.
  • You get priority support. It means, within 4 hours you will receive a support response.
  • And, this plan does not allow you to upload videos for promotion.

Vimeo Pro

  • You can upload 20 GB of video content per week.
  • Here, you can create unlimited channels, albums, and groups.
  • You get priority support of 2 hour response time.
  • Here, this plan allows you to upload videos for promotion.

The other plans are Vimeo business and Vimeo premium. You may visit this link to find more details.

Vimeo is an important part of video submission sites. Thus, treat it with respect.

Now, do not wait, and create your account to start uploading videos on this giant video sharing site.

c) Dailymotion

This site is also a large video submission site. I am listing a few vital points about it in the lines below.

  • This site is available for users from all around the world.
  • It is free to upload and share your videos on this site.
  • Also, it is a trusted site and has a DA value of 94.
  • Only those users, which have an account here, can upload videos.
  • You will find ads in the videos on this site.
  • And, more than 300 million users come to this site to see videos each month.
  • Also, people see more than 3.5 billion videos per month on this site.
  • This site allows you to monetize the videos and earn money.
  • But, this site does not allow hate & porn contents.

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India banned this site in 2012 for contents that were copied from somewhere. Then, in 2014, India again banned the site for ISIS publicity. And, Kazakh has been keeping the ban on it since 2011.

Despite all the odds, it is still among the most famous and large video submission sites. Hence, you must make the best use of it.

d) Flickr.com

This site is famous for the hosting of images and videos. Some of the important points of Flickr are:

  • It allows you to share high quality photos and HD videos. Even, bloggers use this site to download free images for their posts.
  • You can gauge its fame by its DA value of 94. Also, the site has a Google page rank of 9.
  • This site has a large number of users. And, more than 51 million users have created their accounts on this site.
  • More than 118 million people come to this site to see the videos each month.
  • You can join other groups or create your own group. Here, you can share photos and videos. Also, you can comment on other’s work.
  • It allows you to upload a photo or video that was created by YOU only.
  • As a free account holder of this site, you cannot promote any content here.
  • Upgrade to its Pro account for that purpose. But, it is a paid account and has a number of facilities.
  • The site does not allow you to post nude content and any copied one.

Get a backlink from Flickr.com:

  • You can get a do follow backlink to your site even with a free account.
  • Also, you can add some links to your web pages. But, these backlinks are no follow.

What are the benefits of Video Submission Sites? 

a) Backlinks to your site

  • You can insert a link to your site in the profile section at these sites.
  • In the video detail, you get the chance to insert web page URLs.
  • If they like your content, users may share your video, thus giving many more backlinks.

b) Increase in web traffic

Many studies have shown that people like video content to text. So, when you share a video, it reaches to a large number of people. Many of the viewers may visit your site, thus boosting your web traffic.

c) Boost to brand image

It is a fact that watching and listening is much easier than reading. As a result, people prefer videos than text posts. Thus, it is a good idea to promote your business brand by using videos.

When people like your video, they are likely to share it. And, this action will boost your brand image.

d) Earn money

Many of the sites allow you to monetize your videos and earn money. YouTube shares ad revenue with video makers. It keeps 45% of the revenue and pays the remaining 55%.

What are the drawbacks of these sites?

  • These sites can delete a video any time they like.
  • Normally, video length is limited.
  • Sometimes, technical issues at these sites affect your videos.

How many Video Sharing Sites can we use?

You can share your videos on any number of sites. In addition, you can share a video on more than one video submission sites.

Winding up on Video Submission Sites List

This video submission sites list provided above is valid. However, you should work at one site at a time. And, do not forget to read instructions at these sites. Or, the site admin may delete your account.

If you work carefully, you will reap rich dividends.

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