High PR Video Submission Sites List 2018

Video submission sites list is essential for the bloggers and business owners to improve SEO of their websites. Creating videos and uploading them on YouTube is not enough if you want to market your products seriously. There are many other websites where videos can be shared, and your blog or product gets exposure to more people.

Video Submission Sites List

Video Submission Sites List

Apart from a boost to SEO of your site, these video submission sites can provide many other benefits that we are going to share with you in this post.

You can find below a list of topics that we are going to discuss in this post:

  1. Benefits of video submission on multiple sites
  2. High PR Video Submission Sites List 2018
  3. Summing Up – Video Submission Sites List 2018

1. Benefits of Video Submission Sites List 2018

As mentioned above,  you will reap more benefits than just the SEO boost to your site when you make use of these video submission sites.

a) Video Content Gets You More Backlinks And Improves Your SEO

When you create a high-quality video and upload it on YouTube or other video submission sites,  you get an opportunity to earn inbound links to your website.  In the following ways you get backlinks:

  • When you create your profile on sites like YouTube or Vimeo, you can insert a link of your website.
  • You can insert URLs of your site and its pages in the video description at YouTube and other sites.
  • If the audiences find your video compelling and reach your website to get more information about the topic discussed in the video, they may share your webpage URL at their websites; thus, giving you valuable backlinks.

When you submit your videos to multiple sites, the number of backlinks to your website also get increased. Then, these links will give a boost to your website SEO.

b) Video Content Increases Web Traffic To Your Site

Various studies have shown that people like video content to text. That is the reason; YouTube is so popular these days. Therefore, when you share a video, it is exposed to a large audience. Many of the viewers may visit your website, thus improving your web traffic.

If you create and use videos smartly, you can boost your website traffic.  For that, create an engaging video but do not provide complete information there. Rather, smartly ask the viewers to find more related information in your blog post.  This trick will give a boost to your website traffic.

When you submit your video to many video submission sites, your website traffic multiplies.

c) Video Boosts Your Brand Image

It is a fact that watching and listening is much easier than reading. That is the precise reason people prefer watching videos than reading articles on their choice of topics.  Therefore, it is always a good idea to promote your business brand using videos.

When your prospective clients watch the videos, they easily understand your posts’ content. Moreover, they feel attached to your brand. If your audiences find your videos interesting and informative, they may share the videos on their network, thus boosting your brand image.

So, when you share your videos on multiple video submission sites, then the positive effect gets multiplied.

Remember, your competitors are already using video as an effective marketing tool. So, do not left behind, upload your videos to various sites.

d) Monetize Your Videos And Earn Money

Some of the sites offer you the option of monetizing your videos to earn money.  Most prominent of them is YouTube which shares ad revenue with the video makers. Youtube keeps 45% of the revenue with itself and pays the remaining 55% to the video maker.

Many people are earning significant money from their video monetization programme. In fact, most of the news channels have their YouTube channels also where they have millions of subscribers and their revenue also run into millions of dollars a month.

Therefore, you should give serious thought to video sharing which provides multiple benefits to you.

2) High PR Video Submission Sites List 2018

After talking about the benefits of video submission, let us talk about the important list of high PR video submission sites.  We will discuss the top four sites in a little more detail, and rest of the sites will be listed in the order of their Domain Authority (from high to low).

i) YouTube

Every video maker knows that YouTube is the prime site for video hosting.  Here, you can share personal videos, promotional videos, film trailers or videos related to anything except which are banned by the law. You can even run live streaming of any event on YouTube channel.

YouTube for uploading videos

YouTube for uploading videos

YouTube supports thirteen video formats including  MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GPP and WebM. Moreover, it can play video from 144p to 1080p depending upon your device’s media player size and your internet speed.  But, it cannot display a video in HD quality if it was recorded in a lower quality.

Some  interesting stats about YouTube are:

  • This website has more than 1.5 billion registered active users on YouTube.
  • 23 billion monthly visits are performed to this site.
  • It is the second most popular site of Google and has Alexa global rank 2.
  • Every minute more than 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube.
  • It has a domain authority of 99 with 100 being the maximum.

Important features of YouTube

  • Any individual with a Gmail account can create his video channel on this site.
  • You can create a maximum of 50 channels with a single Gmail account.
  • You can upload any numbers of videos on your channel.
  • Uploading a video on YouTube is free.
  • Only registered users can comment, like, or dislike any video.
  • Similarly, only registered user can subscribe to any video channel.
  • Non-registered users can only watch the videos. They cannot comment, like, dislike or subscribe to any video channel.
  • If needed you can disable comments on any of your video.
  • Moreover, you can upload videos on a vast variety of topics including science, technology, films, blogs, jokes, songs, etc.
  • Normally an uploaded video setting is ‘public’ which means anyone can see and share the video. But, you can change this setting to private, and only those people whom you share the video can see it.
  • If required you can block ads to appear on your videos.
  • To earn money, you will need to monetize your videos where ads will start appearing.
  • Hate or porn videos are not allowed. You cannot use any copyrighted content in your videos.

Considering the popularity among the video submission sites, you must upload videos on YouTube.  Your business or blog will soon start getting the benefits like traffic, customers, and money.

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ii) Vimeo

This website is the second biggest video sharing platform after YouTube.   You can upload, view and share videos on this site. Vimeo was the first video sharing site that supported high definition videos. It has a domain authority of 96. The monthly visits to Vimeo site are over 150 million. There are over 70 million registered users at Vimeo.

Vimeo for sharing video online

Vimeo for sharing video online

Vimeo has many plans including one free plan to host your videos on this site.

Free Plan  (Basic Membership):

The basic membership includes the following facilities:

  • You can upload 500MB video content per week, and up to 5GB total storage for your account.
  • Ten videos per day are allowed to upload.
  • You can create one channel, three albums, and one group.

You are not allowed to upload videos that are promoting a product or bringing traffic to your website. Moreover, you don’t get priority support.

Vimeo Plus:

  • You can upload 5GB video content per week and up to 250GB a year.
  • Here, you can create unlimited channels, albums, and groups.
  • You get priority support, that means within 4 hours a support response will be provided here.

In this plan also, you cannot upload promotional videos.

Vimeo Pro:

  • You can upload 20GB of video content per week.
  • Here, you can create unlimited channels, albums, and groups.
  • You get priority support of 2-hour response time.

Here, you can upload promotional videos.

The other plans are – Vimeo business and Vimeo premium. You may visit this link to find more details.

Vimeo is an important part of video submission sites. Therefore, treat it with respect.

Moreover, don’t wait and create your account to start uploading videos on this giant video sharing platform.

iii) Dailymotion

You may know that Dailymotion is another big platform to upload video contents. For your convenience, let me list some important points about Dailymotion website which lies at the third place in video submission sites list.

Dailymotion for uploading videos

Dailymotion for uploading videos

  • This platform is available for users from all around the World.
  • It is free to upload and share your videos on this site.
  • Dailymotion is a trusted site and has a domain authority of 94.
  • Only registered users can upload videos on this site.
  • Ads will appear on videos on Dailymotion.
  • Over 300 million users every month watch videos on this platform.
  • Visitors consume over 3.5 billion videos every month.
  • You can monetize your videos on Dailymotion and earn money.

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Here also, you should ensure that your video does not have any content which falls under the categories of pornography, copyright violations, or hates speech etc.

The Indian government banned Dailymotion in 2012 and 2014 for illegally copied contents and ISIS propaganda respectively. Kazakhstan has been continuing the ban on Dailymotion since 2011.

Despite all the odds, it is still among the most popular and large video sharing platforms. Therefore, you must make the best use of it.

iv) Flickr.com

Flickr for sharing photos and videos

Flickr for sharing photos and videos

This website is extremely popular for image hosting and video hosting. Some of the important points of Flickr.com are:

  • Flickr is popular for sharing high-quality photos and HD videos. Bloggers use this platform for free images for their posts.
  • You can gauge its popularity with its domain authority of 94. Moreover, Flickr has a Google page rank of 9.
  • The number of registered users on this site are 51 million.
  • Monthly traffic at flickr.com is 118 million.
  • You can join other groups or create your group to share your photos, videos, etc. Also, you can comment on other’s work.
  • You CAN upload a photo or video created by YOU only.
  • As a Flickr free account holder, you cannot upload anything for promotion.
  • Upgrade to Flickr Pro account for that purpose. It is a paid account and has lots of facilities.
  • You must avoid nudity or copyright infringement.

Get backlink from your profile at Flickr.com.

  • You can get a do follow backlink to your website even with the Flickr free account.
  • Similarly, you can also add some links to your web pages. But, these backlinks are nofollow.

I am not making this post more lengthy.  But, you can visit this site, create your account and start uploading your photos and videos.

The complete list of high PR video submission sites 2018:


S. No. Website Name DA PR PA Alexa Rank
1 youtube.com 99 10 100 2
2 vimeo.com 96 9 95 134
3 dailymotion.com 94 8 82 113
4 flickr.com 94 9 92 368
5 myspace.com 94 9 81 4,876
6 photobucket.com 94 7 86 3,065
7 tinypic.com 92 8 65 7,044
8 is.rediff.com 92 7 57 495
9 4shared.com 92 8 76 706
10 metacafe.com 91 8 76 13,239
11 fotki.com 90 7 65 46,428
12 liveleak.com 90 72 1,384
13 imageshack.com 87 8 65 11,799
14 break.com 86 7 71 12,743
15 veoh.com 85 7 70 10,067
16 brightcove.com 85 7 62 21,838
17 funnyordie.com 82 7 72 27,022
18 fark.com 81 7 67 6,358
19 teachertube.com 73 7 64 81,360
20 dropshots.com 69 6 53 134,691
21 izlesene.com 69 6 60 12,552
22 godtube.com 68 6 61 54,312
23 stupidvideos.com 64 6 58 356,490
24 board.jokeroo.com 56 5 40 396,769
25 viewster.com 55 5 53 75,379
26 clipmoon.com 53 4 48 1,599,413
27 bofunk.com 52 5 52 1,602,611
28 indiavideo.org 44 4 47 801,265

3. Summing Up – Video Submission Sites

Although the list provided in this post is not big, all the sites have been personally verified. So, you can be sure about these sites as genuine sites for video sharing.

Work at one site at a time. Moreover, read all the guidelines before creating your account and uploading the videos. Follow them literally, or the site admins may block or delete your account. Once you finish the work, then go to another site.

When you work in this manner, no problem will come your way.

In all, after uploading your videos on these video submission sites, you will get rich benefits to your business or blog.


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