High DA Web 2.0 Sites

Top 70+ High DA Web 2.0 sites List (2022)

Web 2.0 sites are using new apps in their design and content delivery.  These sites use comments and reviews to promote interaction between site owners and readers.

High DA Web 2.0 Sites
High DA Web 2.0 Sites

In addition, users may interact with other users on these sites.  For example, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs, all are web 2.0 sites.

You may be curious to know about web 1.0 sites.  These sites are simple World Wide Web sites that have plain information for its readers. Such sites are static in nature.

It is worth noting that web 2.0 sites are dynamic in nature.

We will discuss more about these sites in the following points.

  1. Key features of web 2.0 sites
  2. Benefits of web 2.0 sites
  3. List of high DA web 2.0 sites
  4. Wind up

Key features of web 2.0 sites

User as a contributor

All the readers are free to contribute to these sites. For instance, at Wikipedia, any person can add or edit an article. Here, information flows two ways and not just from the site owner.

Rich User Experience

These sites are using Rich Internet applications (RIAs) that enable readers to use online apps. Here, users will have a rich experience similar to desktop apps.  Because of the RIAs, users need not download and install many of the desktop apps.  Instead, users can use online apps that run in the internet browsers with the help of a plugin.  The plugin can be Adobe Flash, Java-Fx or Microsoft Silver light.


On web 2.0 sites, users apply public tags to online content. It helps even other users to find those items. You must have used #(hash) tag on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other platforms. This system of tagging is called folksonomy. It is different from taxonomy, as site owners do not tag items on these sites.

Long Tail

Most of the business sites sell retail products directly to the users and earn money. However, web 2.0 sites have brought a change and now the product is sold as a service and money is collected as a monthly fee or as per use.

For instance, if you want to buy a WordPress theme, plugin or SEO tool you will get it only as a service. It means you will need to pay monthly or yearly charges for using these products.

User Participation

In the static sites, owners provide contents for the web page, whereas web 2.0 sites allow users to participate. Take the example of You Tube; their users can upload videos and give feedback in the comment section.  In the same way, at the Wikipedia site, users can add or edit any content.


The static sites deliver the contents directly to home.  On the other hand, web 2.0 sites use multiple channels like permalinks, RSS & file sharing for content delivery.

Basic Trust

Any user can contribute content to these sites. Such contents are useful for other users. You can take the example of Wikipedia, where anyone can add or edit any content for the use of other people.

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Benefits of Web 2.0 Sites

Online Marketing, Rich Experience, and Fearless Opinion

Online marketers are using these sites to promote their clients business. Even bloggers and other site owners promote their sites on social media sites. As a note, these social sites are web 2.0 sites.

Users have rich experience on these sites as these sites employ cool and interactive designs. As a result, you can find high quality photos and videos to engage the readers.

Web users can give their opinions on the content of a site without any fear. For this purpose, nearly all of these sites offer a comment or feedback section for the audience. In addition, there are many forum sites, which are meant for discussion and exchange of knowledge on a running topic.

Responsiveness, Creation of Sites for Free and Uploading of Videos

These web 2.0 sites can be viewed on a variety of media including desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. It means these sites are responsive.

Many such sites offer you build a website free for of cost. For example, Blogger, WordPress.com, VIX, etc., are such sites where you can create a website for free. Here, you can create a blog or an e-commerce site; it all depends on you. In other words, it gives you the freedom to create any type of site for personal or professional purposes.

Some high DA web 2.0 sites allow you to upload videos for multiple aims. So, you may use such sites for brand image or product marketing. On the other hand, you can simply use such sites for providing information to the world.

Free Photos, SEO Tools and other tools

You will find many such sites offering stock photos free of cost. In addition, they allow you to use these photos for personal or business use. For example, Flickr, unsplash and Pexels are the sites to get free photos.

Many SEO tools can be found on some of the web 2.0 sites. One of the best sites to access such tools is Small SEO Tools.  Here, you will find a wide variety of SEO tools you can use for free.

In the same way, you can find many other web 2.0 sites that give useful apps or tools for the public.

List of High DA Web 2.0 Sites

Part-I of the list:





















S. No.WebsiteDA
3Live Journal95
4My Space95
5Google Sites95
10FC2 Blog93
11Good Reads93
15Deviant Art92
21Wiki dot92
24Blog Catalog91
26Brave Net91
28Hub Pages91
30Kiwi Box91
31Simple Site91
33Wall Inside91
34Care 290
35Daily Strength89
36I am sport89
37Amp Blogs88
38Amped pages88
39Insane Journal88
40All 4 Webs87

Part-II of the list:

S. No.WebsiteDA
42Own Free Website84
43Blink Web83
44Just Paste IT83
45Web Node82
47Get jealous81
48Caba Nova80
51H Page78
53Area Voices76
54Web Spawner76
55E My Spot75
56Site W75
57bugs 374
58Free Website74
59Mi Gente73
60Pink Bike72
61Portfolio box72
63Yahoo Tumblr69
66Gecko go65
67Free Web Space61
68Work it mom61
69Asian Ave60
70Postach IO60
71Cook Eat Share59
72Web Garden59
73Page 458
75oh log56
76Good Night Journal54
77Web Starts54
80Dev hub45
81Design Rush40

Wind up on Web 2.0 Sites List

We have discussed web 2.0 sites in this post. I hope you have got an idea of what these sites are.

In addition, you have become aware of the benefits of these sites. So, make use of this handpicked list of high DA web 2.0 sites.

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